Joe Scarborough Claims Jesus Doesn’t Care About Abortion

National   |   Alex Christy   |   Sep 9, 2022   |   11:34AM   |   Washington, DC

MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough devolved into a crazier version of himself on Friday as he suggested that pro-lifers are heretics because Jesus never directly talked about abortion.

Scarborough’s comments came after a clip of Republican South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy accusing her colleagues of “miscommunicating with God” for their support for a bill that would’ve banned abortion with no exceptions. The bill ultimately failed.

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Shealy’s speech turned her into a hero among the cast of Morning Joe. Scarborough led the conversation, “By the way, slow clap for her and let me say, as a Southern Baptist that grew up reading the Bible, maybe back-sliding Baptist, but I know the Bible, Jesus never once talked about abortion. Never once and it was happening back in ancient times. It was happening during his time. Never once mentioned it.”

It should not be too much to ask that a former Republican member of Congress have a basic understanding of his constituents, but Scarborough also failed in that regard, “For people perverting the Gospel of Jesus Christ down to one issue, it’s heresy.”

Who is reducing the Gospel to one issue? Scarborough also omitted that at least Shealy was a sponsor of South Carolina’s current heartbeat law and the media portrays anyone who supports such restrictions as an extremist. Does Scarborough think support for any restrictions are heretical? If not, where does he draw the line and where does his great ecclesiastical knowledge come from?

Beyond calling his former voters heretics, Scarborough addressed his critics directly, “if you don’t believe me, if that makes you angry, why don’t you do something you haven’t done in a long time? Open the Bible. Open the New Testament. Read the red letters.”

Continuing to rant at pro-lifers, Scarborough added, “You won’t see it there and yet, there are people who are using Jesus as a shield to make 10-year-old raped girls go through a living and breathing hell here on Earth. They’ve also conveniently overlooked the parts of the New Testament where Jesus talks about taking care of the needy. Taking care of those who are helpless, who live a hopeless life.”

If Scarborough is once again going to turn into Preacher Joe, he should at least know that the Bible does endorse the idea of hopelessness. Going full lib, Scarborough also claimed, “they believe, these state legislatures believe life ends at fertilization and ends at childbirth.”

Scarborough may be correct in that Jesus never explicitly mentioned abortion, but as The Babylon Bee reminded us, he also never explicitly mentioned felony home invasion.

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LifeNews Note: Alex Christy writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.