Pro-Life Advocates Protest at Kroger After Grocery Store Funds Abortion Travel Killing Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 25, 2022   |   6:54PM   |   Dayton, Ohio

Ohio pro-life advocates are boycotting the Kroger grocery store chain this summer after the company decided to begin funding abortion travel costs.

On Saturday, pro-lifers with Dayton Right to Life and Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio protested outside one of its stores in Centerville to raise awareness, Dayton 24/7 Now reports.

“Many of our supporters have discontinued shopping at Kroger and chosen other places. Many of them have written to corporate offices, We’ve been down to the corporate offices picketing down there as well, so I do believe people are moving their shopping dollars elsewhere,” Margie Christie, executive director of Dayton Right to Life, told the news station.

Kroger is one of dozens of major companies that recently promised to begin giving their employees money to abort their unborn babies in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Kroger, which is based in Ohio, now offers to pay abortion travel costs of up to $4,000 for its employees.

Outside the Centerville store Saturday, pro-life advocates protested peacefully, holding signs that read “Your employees deserve better than abortion” and “My life is more valuable than $4,000 of fuel” next to the photo of a baby, according to the local news.

In July, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio also sent a letter protesting the action to Kroger executives, signed by nearly 70 pro-life leaders from across the state.

“Any medical procedure designed to willfully take a human life cannot be considered as ‘health care,’” they wrote. “While we are acutely aware that there are many women in Ohio who are facing difficulties during pregnancy, abortion is not the answer.”


They urged the company to instead provide additional benefits to families in crisis and donate to organizations that provide pregnancy and parenting support to mothers and children in need.

Many pro-life Ohioans have decided to boycott Kroger until it reverses its pro-abortion actions, they told company leaders.

“We sincerely hope that you will revoke your recent policy that encourages and funds employee abortions,” their letter concluded. “Please reconsider your decision and stand for life.”

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio created suggested letters to Kroger and Giant Eagle, another grocery store chain that promised to fund abortion travel, that pro-lifers may use to send to the companies in protest. Find them here.

Major entertainment companies like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and Netflix and tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft all now offer their employees money to travel for elective abortions. Yelp, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lyft, Citigroup Bank, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Tesla are among others.

Recently, the pro-life organization Concerned Women for America called for a national boycott of the retail chain Target because it, too, has begun providing money for employees to abort their unborn babies.

Some of these companies already are facing civil rights complaints for allegedly discriminating against pregnant employees who chose life for their unborn babies.