Pro-Life Groups Want to Remove Michigan Ballot Amendment That Would Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 19, 2022   |   9:51AM   |   Lansing, Michigan

Dozens of errors on a Michigan pro-abortion ballot measure, including gibberish like “DECISIONSABOUTALLMATTERSRELATINGTOPREGNANCY,” have pro-life advocates calling on state officials to disqualify it.

The pro-life coalition Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children found 60 errors on the petition circulated by the pro-abortion group Reproductive Freedom for All to place a pro-abortion amendment to the Michigan Constitution on the November ballot.

“Some people would say, ‘Oh, they’re just spaces,’ but amending the constitution is pretty serious business and the correct number of typos to put in your constitution is zero,” Christen Pollo, a spokeswoman for the pro-life coalition, told the Associated Press.

On Thursday, Pollo said they asked the Board of Canvassers to disqualify the ballot measure because of all the errors.

Most involve a lack of spaces between the words, creating “strings of gibberish” that make the proposed amendment “impossible to understand,” according to the coalition. Examples include “ALLEGEDPREGNANCYOUTCOMES,INCLUDINGBUTNOTLIMITEDTOMISCARRIAGE,STILLBIRTHORABORTION” and “DECISIONSABOUTALLMATTERSRELATINGTOPREGNANCY,” WNEM News 5 reports.

As a result, voters may not have understood what they were supporting when they signed the petition to place the proposal on the ballot.

The proposed amendment would legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions through all nine months of pregnancy and allow anyone, including people without any medical training, to “assist” with an abortion, according to the coalition. And while Michigan law requires parents to consent for a 12-year-old to have their tonsils removed, the amendment would make it so 12-year-old girls can have abortions — or be forced into them by abusers — without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

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Here’s more from the AP:

The Reproductive Freedom for All ballot initiative would affirm into Michigan’s Constitution the right to make pregnancy-related decisions without interference. The campaign submitted 753,759 signatures in July to qualify for the November ballot, which was close to double the 425,059 needed. …

The ballot initiative’s language was approved by the Board of Canvassers during a March 23 meeting with the condition that an extra “the” be removed from a header. The coalition alleges that the revised version, submitted on March 30, contained [dozens of new] errors and was never approved.

Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children said the gibberish was not on the original petition that the Board of Canvassers approved, conditional on the removal of the second “the.”

“All they had to do was delete one word, and they instead messed around with their amendment text, creating gibberishcompoundwordslikethis. Incompetence,” the coalition wrote on Twitter.

The Bureau of Elections and Board of Canvassers have until Aug. 31 to decide whether to approve the proposed state constitutional amendment for the November ballot, according to WNEM.

Responding in a statement, a spokeswoman for the Reproductive Freedom for All campaign said they are confident that voters “read, understood and signed the petition in support of reproductive freedom for all.”

Michigan is a major abortion battleground state. Pro-life Republicans control the state legislature, but pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer repeatedly has vetoed life-saving legislation. In July, Whitmer even vetoed $21.4 million in funding to support pregnant and parenting mothers who choose life for their babies.

Michigan has a pre-Roe v. Wade law that protects unborn babies by banning abortions, but a judge recently blocked the law at the request of pro-abortion groups.

Nearly 30,000 unborn babies are aborted in Michigan every year.