Woman Who Lost One Arm and Half Her Legs in Botched Abortion Now a Popular Radio Host

International   |   Right to Life UK   |   Aug 11, 2022   |   4:40PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

A woman who was born missing an arm and half her legs has revealed that her mother told her that her disabilities were due to her failed abortion.

The Canadian radio-host Charlie Rousseau, 25 grew up feeling like a ‘normal child’ and ‘didn’t realize she was disabled’ until she was a teenager.

Charlie found out from her mother that the reason she had disabilities was because of a ‘botched’ abortion her mother tried to have whilst she was pregnant with her.

The radio host told FEMAIL: “My mother decided to have an abortion but… it went wrong. My parents believed making a big deal of it would ruin my life because the story would be everywhere as I was growing up.”

“The doctor allegedly told my parents to keep the baby even though the abortion process wasn’t finished. They could’ve taken it further, they could’ve taken the hospital to court but we were living in a small town and my parents didn’t want to make a big deal”.

The 25-year-old said: “I never realized I had a disability until I was 16. My parents sent me to a normal school and I had normal friends. I had a big character so I fitted in fine”.

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“It was only when I became interested in dating and fancying boys did I really accept my disability and that I was so different”.

Traveling the world

After traveling to Britain to teach, she decided to travel the world and experience other opportunities. Despite confessing she finds it difficult to carry her bags and experiences struggles at airports, she has since visited Mexico, Ibiza, Portugal and Australia.

“Charlie has said that now she’s older, and now she understands what happened, according to her mother, she may one day decide to look into it – but for now, she wants to continue with her dream to work and live remotely, and see the world”.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said: “These cases of failed abortion show what really happens in an abortion. In most abortions, the main victim of abortion, the unborn baby, is never seen. In cases of failed abortion though, the person who would have been the victim of abortion is there for all of us to see.”

LifeNews Note: Republished with permission from Right to Life UK.