Abortionist is Closing Her Office and Will No Longer Kill Babies in Abortions

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 9, 2022   |   9:33AM   |   Washington, DC

Montana abortionist Claire Putnam is closing her office and will no longer kill babies in abortions.

Three are no abortion businesses in Bozeman, Montana — a western city that is home to Montana State University. But Putnam has been doing abortions at her office for years. Since 2018 she has ended the lives of innocent unborn babies.

No more. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle newspaper, Putnam is closing her private medical practice, where she combined terminating babies with legitimate health care.

The abortionist claims she is pro-life and talked women into choose life, but nonetheless she killed babies — unique human beings whose lives began at conception and who had beating hearts at just 22 days after that.

Though you won’t find the words “abortion” or “pregnancy termination” on SHE Health’s website, Putnam said she has performed them since she opened the clinic.

Putnam describes herself as a pro-life abortion provider — a “purple person” who doesn’t easily fit into a political mold. Her favorite part of her job is helping women and couples bring healthy babies into the world.

The irony of Putnam’s comments is inescapable. She claims she is pro-life yet literally makes money ending the lives of little children before birth in aboritons that can easily kill or injure women and often leave lasting mental and spiritual wounds.

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In the interview, Putnam tried to defend killing babies by saying the abortion is sometimes medically necessary — such as the in case of pregnant women with cancer somehow “needing” to kill their baby in order to have chemo.

Never mind that that’s not the case. A collection of studies and medical data from The Lancet, a prominent British medical journal, shows pregnant women don’t need to have an abortion in order to get treatment for cancer. The information shows chemo treatment does not harm the unborn baby and mothers can treat themselves for cancer without worrying about effects on the unborn child.

And another study in 2015 published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that cancer treatments do not harm unborn children.

The researchers wrote, “Prenatal exposure to maternal cancer with or without treatment did not impair the cognitive, cardiac, or general development of children in early childhood. Prematurity was correlated with a worse cognitive outcome, but this effect was independent of cancer treatment

Fortunately, babies will no longer pay the price for Putnam’s justification of making hundreds of dollars to end their little lives. Multiple pregnancy centers exist in Montana and the Bozeman area to help pregnant women find real choices and real support such as Zoe Care, Montana Pregnancy Resource Clinic in Belgrade, and Bozeman Health.