WATCH: Democrat Congresswoman Wants to Stop Calling It “Abortion” to Hide How It Kills Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 20, 2022   |   5:05PM   |   Washington, DC

A New York congresswoman criticized a pro-life doctor for saying “abortion” Tuesday during a U.S. House hearing, claiming the word is being “weaponized” to stoke negative emotions.

Contradicting herself, U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice, a pro-abortion Democrat, claimed she wants to have an “actual meaningful conversation” about abortion but using the word “abortion” – an accurate medical term — prevents that from happening.

“All I hear is a bunch of conversations where the word abortion, abortion, abortion is meant as a negative term,” Rice said in a video shared by the Republican National Committee.

She aimed her criticism at Dr. Christina Francis, a leading pro-life OB-GYN who testified during the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on abortion.

“I would suggest you stop throwing the word abortion around because you think it’s one that is going to raise the emotions above having reasonable conversation,” Rice told Francis. “[The] word has been weaponized, in my opinion, by certain people in this country because if we’re going to have a real conversation about this, we have to stop using language that is going to prevent an actual meaningful conversation from happening.”

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But often, it is abortion activists who avoid having real conversations about the issue, using terms like “reproductive health care” and “choice” instead of the more accurate and specific “abortion.” The reason is because abortions are inherently negative, and the public knows it. An abortion intentionally and unnecessarily kills an unborn baby, something most pro-abortion politicians try desperately to keep out of the public conversation.

After the hearing, Katie Glenn, state policy director for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, called out Rice’s ludicrous comments.

“Ma’am, what politically-palatable euphemism would you prefer @DrFrancis4Life use when she’s treating complications like hemorrhage and infection in the ER because the website that sent the [abortion] pills is five states over and provides no follow up care?” Glenn responded on Twitter.

Abortions have killed more than 63 million unborn babies in America in the past 50 years. On June 24, for the first time since 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court began allowing states to protect unborn babies from abortion again.

Thirteen already have done so, although some have been blocked by court orders, and more state are expected to enact pro-life laws in the coming weeks.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates more than 120,000 unborn babies are being saved from abortion as a result of the pro-life laws currently in place.