OGBYN Tells Congress: Abortion Bans Don’t Stop Treating Miscarriage or Ectopic Pregnancy

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 19, 2022   |   1:24PM   |   Washington, DC

During a Congressional hearing today, an OBGYN made it clear to Democrats that protecting babies from abortion does not stop medical care and treatment for pregnant women.

Dr. Christina Francis, a board certified OGBYN, told lawmakers that abortion bans do not stop treatment for ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

“Elective abortion does not need to be legal in order to ensure we can provide our patients with excellent healthcare,” she said.

Dr. Francis shares that she has treated ectopic pregnancies hundreds of times during her career.

“My intent in these situations is to save the life of the mother. Not as in the case of an abortion, which is to end the life of a preborn human being,” she explained.

Some abortion advocates have been spreading stories about how a handful of women have not received proper and timely treatment for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies. Francis says the problem is not protecting babies from abortions, it is hospital administrators and doctors who don’t properly understand and follow the laws — noting that abortion bans allow such treatment.

“I have heard stories about physicians hesitating to take care of ectopic pregnancies. My understanding is that this is not the fault of the law; it’s the fault of the physician and the hospital that doesn’t understand what the law means,” she explained.

The medical expert also explained that aboriton is not really necessary to protect the life of pregnant women.

“I have never needed to intentionally end the life of my fetal patient in order to save the life of a mother,” she said.

Dr. Francis also explained that most physicians do not want to do abortions.

“If you look at surveys done by abortion providers it shows that 76% and 93% of OBGYN’s do not perform abortions – they understand that elective abortion is NOT healthcare,” she added.

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Francis informed the lawmakers that abortions are often coercive in nature and that women don’t really get the support they need for abortion alternatives.

“60% of women who obtained an abortion felt pressured into their abortion… only 11% of women felt as if they got proper counseling before their abortion. Proper counseling is imperative for a woman to be able to give informed consent,” she said.

“So what does a post-Roe world mean for my patient’s health? Now we can finally have a robust discussion of the impact abortion has had,” Francis added. “We have a chance to restore trust in the medical profession to advocate for both of our patients. It means that women have a chance at healthcare that puts their safety and that of their child ahead of a political narrative. And it means that instead of defaulting to abortion as a Band-Aid for a variety of complex issues, we will now be working to identify innovative solutions for women today, their preborn children, and for future generations.”

Francis concluded by talking about how banning abortion will actually help maternal mortality.

“Abortion has done nothing to decrease our maternal mortality rates. If we look at developed countries that have more restrictive abortion laws, they have better mortality rates,” she said.