Liberal Men Brag About Getting Vasectomies to Protest Overturning Roe v. Wade

National   |   Alex Christy   |   Jul 12, 2022   |   11:12PM   |   Washington, DC

The Tuesday tragicomic edition of CBS Mornings profiled a couple of men who had a suggestion on how men can do their part in the after of the Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down Roe v. Wade: get a vasectomy.

Host Tony Dokopoul got things started by reporting, “more men are taking action themselves in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade. Turning to vasectomies, the number of Google searches for the word ‘vasectomy’ peaked just one day after the Supreme Court’s ruling last month and now doctors are saying that it’s not just searches, more patients are asking for the procedure IRL, in real life.”

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He then turned things over to national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez for a more in-depth report who reported, “we also spoke with a doctor who said the way he found out by the Supreme Court’s decision that day is by the sheer number of phone calls coming into his clinic. He said they tripled their normal volume and the number of men signing up for the procedure tripled too.”

Diving into a video, Bojorquez featured Dr. Doug Stein of Tampa, Florida, reporting that, “We generally see about 12% in our practice, men who are child-free and then we generally see about 12% of men under the age of 30. But the number of both young and child-free nearly doubled.”

Bojorquez profiled one of those men, “27-year-old Thomas Figueroa says he and his girlfriend said they do not want children, so getting a vasectomy was always on his mind.”

Figueroa declared that, “I’ve always thought about this decision. The Supreme Court did finally push me to do it.”

After Bojorquez described a vasectomy, he played up ill-founded fears that birth control is next, “For Figueroa this also about easing the burden on women who have had their constitutional right to abortion taken away and for those who feel restrictions on birth control could come next.”

Figuerora himself added, “I feel for a lot of men, especially for myself, that this is a way where they’re trying to protect their girlfriends, they’re trying to protect their partners, they’re trying to protect their future partners.”

Another man profiled was Houston’s Jordan Castro, whose “post about getting a vasectomy went viral. He did it last fall after Texas passed a law banning abortion after about six weeks of fertilization.”

Only after the state passed a pro-life law did Castro start thinking about personal responsibility, “Really try to put yourself in a—in a– women’s shoes. I really think guys should—guys should– take that into account and take a little bit more responsibility.”

After reminding viewers that Stein stresses to patients that getting a vasectomy is a serious decision that is not easily reversible, Bojorquez concluded by reporting, “In fact, he says, they are booked through August, and that’s as far in advance as they’ve ever been booked before.”

It is sad that it took the Supreme Court to instill some sense of responsibility for these two, but at least they will not pass their wisdom on to the next generation.

LifeNews Note: Alex Christy writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.