The New Silent Killer: Doctors and Hospitals That Aren’t Pro-Life, Don’t Believe in God

Opinion   |   Bobby Schindler   |   Jul 5, 2022   |   10:53AM   |   Washington, DC

A June 2022 Gallup poll found that just 81% of U.S. adults believe in God, the lowest in 80 years.

One can argue that this downward trend is a result of our public institutions being undermined by a value system rooted in nihilism rather than faith, harmony, or natural law.

Political and corporate elites, the media, our schools, our churches and their leaders, the entertainment industry, big tech…the list is far-reaching, and the consequences of a worsening pagan world are taking its toll.

Predictably, our healthcare system is not immune from this godlessness and the impact has been truly alarming. The unmooring of medical ethics has poisoned our medical community while slowly eroding healthcare’s norms and policies.

Consider the number of doctors who no longer align themselves with the Hippocratic oath or their duty to treat. Indeed, many doctors encourage or perform abortions, embrace infanticide, assist in their patient’s suicide, approve decisions to starve and dehydrate to death the brain injured and the elderly (now legal in all 50 states), perform sex changes on minors, and deny children lifesaving care if they are not vaccinated, to name only a few issues.

The remaining doctors who refuse to participate in illicit practices because of religious objections, or who want to follow their conscience, are being forced to either perform these immoral acts or leave the medical profession.

Unexpectedly, it was the pandemic that uncovered much of our corrupt medical system beginning with the tens of thousands of nursing home patients who were needlessly killed by imposed government policies. Next came patients being denied efficacious therapeutics to treat the virus and prohibiting loved ones to visit dying family members. Then the vaccine mandate forced on all Americans with no deference to informed consent or religious views.

The truth is that medical care decisions have long shifted from patients and family members to outsiders. And this shift to removing decision making from families does not discriminate – it can be enforced on anyone.

Much of this is due to the U.S. hospital systems where policy decisions are made by a hierarchical structure represented by federal bureaucrats who are connected to the Medicare/Medicaid services.

Consequently, it is these hospital systems that are setting treatment guidelines enforced by a compliant medical community. In other words, when the government controls healthcare, the government will control treatment, i.e., rationing care.

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For instance, if your long-term prognosis is poor and the care you will need doesn’t meet the hospital’s financial operating framework, that treatment will be denied. The insurance companies operate similarly. Typically, a “hopeless” prognosis will offer no second opinion, no alternative treatment, no due process – you either pay out of pocket or treatment will be refused.

Take, for example, the recent case of a mother whose newborn experienced a brain injury at two-weeks old. The doctors believed there was no hope of a “meaningful” recovery and pressured the mother to stop life sustaining treatment. The mother asked for more time to see whether her daughter could improve with treatment.

The hospital would not cooperate and the mother had to retain an attorney to force the hospital to continue care. It was only because of the mom’s advocacy and persistence that she was able to transfer her daughter’s care to a home environment.

However, the mother’s battle was not yet finished. The mother needed to temporarily admit her daughter back to the hospital. That’s when a social worker, along with a doctor, called Child Protective Services, and with no cause claimed the mother was unfit, and took custody of the child. The hospital wanted another opportunity to try to deny this child treatment to end her life.

Despite these types of scenarios, with families routinely being denied time and treatment options, a single journalist, Daniel Horowitz managed to expose the New Hampshire State Senate’s effort to give healthcare providers even more decision-making authority by passing SB 459, referred to as the “Workplace Violence Prevention Program.” Essentially, the bill will allow hospitals to have a family member or patient advocate arrested if they speak out against medical mistreatment or the inhumane denial of care.

This type of intimidation is akin to the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s, labeling parents as “domestic terrorists” if they questioned school board members what is being taught to their kids.

Our impulse is to trust doctors and believe that they have our best interest in mind, but that is no longer the case. When doctors reject, or are desensitized to the sanctity of life principle, how can we be certain that we will receive life affirming care from these same practitioners?

That is why we need to find pro-life, pro-family doctors who recognize our human dignity. Otherwise, you could be potentially placing yourself, your family, and your children at risk of having the care you want denied.

Additionally, it is necessary to appoint a health care agent. This is not done in a medical directive, but someone you legally choose in a medical durable power of attorney who will manage your care and make your treatment decisions in the event you cannot make them yourself. Your health care agent needs to be a principled, strong, and heroic advocate.

You can also contact organizations that serve as patient advocates, like the non-profit our family established in response to my sister, Terri Schiavo’s death. The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network works to support families and get them immediate help if they find themselves in a crisis. Since 2005, we have helped and supported close to 4,000 individuals and families.

We need to fully understand the times in which we live. It is now our responsibility to defend our loved ones and to accept the reality that there may be a situation where you will have to confront this medical apparatus and literally fight for your life, your children’s lives, or another family member’s life.

Sadly, a significant number of those involved in healthcare, including doctors and nurses, have been indoctrinated into submitting to an anti-life orthodoxy, and no longer obey a biblical value system. The lack of value placed on life puts every single one of us in harm’s way.

LifeNews Note: Bobby Schindler is the Executive Director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network which works to protect the lives of the medically vulnerable from the threat of imposed death.