Killing Babies in Abortions Breeds Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorism

Opinion   |   Bryan Kemper   |   Jun 22, 2022   |   10:39AM   |   Washington, DC

As we prepare for the Supreme Court decision in the landmark Dobbs vs Jackson case that will most likely dismantle Roe v. Wade we are seeing a rise in violence from the pro-abortion side. Lifesaving pregnancy centers are being attacked, pro-lifers are being assaulted, death threats are being made against Supreme Court justices and pro-life leaders, and there have been calls for riots across the country.

It’s ironic that as the pro-life goal of ending the violence in the womb comes closer to reality, the other side is advocating all kinds of violence. Of course, it is well known that acts of violence have marred our movement and I have always spoken up against them, as have the vast majority of pro-lifers. The fact is, we cannot use violence in our efforts to end the violence of abortion.

Abortion is violence, no matter how hard the other side tries to portray it as health care, a loving and merciful act or a basic human right. It is a direct attack on a human being at his or her most vulnerable stage, resulting in death. It is the literal definition of homicide – when one human being causes the death of another. In every single act of abortion at least one human life is ended. Sometimes, the mothers of these homicide victims also die from the complications of a botched abortion.

The news is filled with stories of death, murder, war and hate. Mothers and fathers are shown in agony as they wonder if their children are alive in the latest school shooting. We follow law enforcement as they investigate spouses or significant others suspected of murder in the death of their loved ones. We see the horrors of war as so many lose their lives over political disputes between and within countries.

Violence is everywhere and it seems nowhere is truly safe. But the place that should be the safest on the planet is a mother’s womb. But more than 2,000 times a day in our nation alone, doctors and other healthcare workers carry out the most brutal acts of violence against these innocent unborn.

For almost 50 years we in the pro-life movement have raised our voices to end this act of violence. We have prayed, marched, rallied, legislated, argued, educated and so much more to bring an end to abortion. With the ever-increasing understanding of human biology, we can see without a doubt that what’s developing inside a woman’s womb is a human being; not a potential life but a life. Now, with the Dobbs decision, we might finally have reached a point where that undeniable truth will be upheld by the highest court in the land.

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We will see the beginning of the end of abortion violence as we come closer to a time when all innocent human life will be protected and the barbaric and violent act of abortion will be abolished.

This should be a time of great celebration and rejoicing, as our world becomes a safer place for everyone. Instead, we are seeing outrage and utter insanity take shape as those who support and revere the violent act of abortion threatening violence against anyone who would oppose it.

The pro-aborts scream that pro-lifers only care about babies who haven’t been born yet thousands of pregnancy centers run by pro-lifers across the country are being firebombed, vandalized and threatened. When we approach mothers outside abortion businesses to offer alternatives, we are called terrorists by the other side, as they plan riots and various ways to attack us.

Are you seeing the irony yet? They are using violence to demand a right to violently end the life of a baby so they can have the right to live consequence-free. It is violence begetting violence and it must be stopped.

They can hide behind words like choice, healthcare, rights, autonomy or any other buzzword they choose but, in the end, abortion is an act of homicide and it will be abolished. Future generations will look back at the abortion holocaust in disgust and dismay in the same way we look at other great travesties in history where one group of people were dehumanized by other groups of people.

I, for one, will hold my head up knowing I will be able to tell my grandkids what I did when innocent human beings in the womb were being slaughtered. I can say I raised my voice, I stood in the gap and I never backed down from fighting to abolish abortion.

Will you be able to say the same?

LifeNews Note: Bryan Kemper is the youth outreach director for Priests for Life and the founder of its youth outreach Stand True. He is the author of Social Justice Begins in the Womb and Pro-life is the New Punk Rock.