Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Say if She Agrees With Pope Francis That “Abortion is Murder”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 16, 2022   |   4:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Nancy Pelosi insisted Wednesday that she is a “very Catholic person” after avoiding a question about Popes Francis and John Paul II condemning abortion as murder.

CNS News reports one of its journalists asked Pelosi about her pro-abortion views conflicting with her Catholic faith during her weekly press conference.

Though Pelosi professes to be a devout Catholic, she has a radical pro-abortion voting record that includes trying to force taxpayers to pay for killing unborn babies in elective abortions and trying to force states to legalize abortion on demand even if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Questioning her Wednesday, a CNS News journalist asked: “St. John Paul II said in Evangelium Vitae that abortion is murder. Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy for Life that abortion is ‘truly murder.’ Do you agree with St. John Paul II and Pope Francis that abortion is murder?”

Pelosi did not answer the question directly and instead argued that people should be allowed to “make their own judgments.”

“What I agree on is that whatever I believe or agree with the popes on is not necessarily what public policy should be in the United States, as people make their own judgments, honor their own responsibilities, and tend to the needs of their families,” she said.

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The Democrat leader also avoided condemning a growing spate of violence against pro-life pregnancy centers and churches in recent weeks, according to the report. Dozens of pro-life organizations and churches have been victims of vandalism and arson since news broke in May about a leaked draft ruling showing the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade this summer.

“As far as abortion is concerned, there have been a number of attacks on churches, crisis pregnancy centers. Republicans are going after Democrats for not saying anything and they’re saying that your rhetoric is contributing to these attacks on these crisis pregnancy centers,” another journalist asked her.

Notably, Pelosi did not condemn the violence in her response.

“Well, let me just say this,” Pelosi said. “A woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibility. It’s up to her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other, and her God. This talk of politicizing all of this is something uniquely American and not right.”

She added: “I’m a very Catholic person and I believe in every woman’s right to make her own decisions. Any other questions on another subject because I’m not going to be talking about that?”

Pelosi’s pro-abortion agenda and her Catholic faith have been a focus of renewed attention since her bishop, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, said he will deny communion to her unless she repents.

Pelosi supports a radical pro-abortion bill that would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth even if Roe is overturned, force Catholic hospitals and pro-life medical workers to participate in the killing of unborn babies and force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.

Last fall, Cordileone said the legislation amounts to “child sacrifice” and chastised Catholic politicians who support it. He said the bill is what “one would expect from a devout Satanist, not a devout Catholic.”

But Pelosi laughed at the archbishop’s statement at a press conference, saying she and Cordileone “have a disagreement about who should decide this.”

Many U.S. bishops and priests have expressed concerns that pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Pelosi and President Joe Biden are “creating scandal” for the Catholic Church by encouraging evil. They have said the church must do something to make it clear that Catholics cannot support the killing of unborn babies in abortions and must repent before participating in communion.