MSNBC Wants Democrats to Pack Supreme Court After It Overturns Roe

National   |   Aidan Moorhouse   |   Jun 8, 2022   |   12:46AM   |   Washington, DC

There has been much ado in the liberal media about people being stuck in their own “information silos.” On that note, MSNBC’s scant viewers were plunged deep on Sunday’s Mehdi Hassan Show into the soybean-rich progressive “information silo,” as Hasan and his Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) fretted about why so few Democrats were advocating for “rebalancing” the Supreme Court as a midterms strategy seeing as how one case could result in the striking down of Roe v. Wade.

Since Jones had proposed a bill to expand the Supreme Court, Hasan asked why other prominent Democrats haven’t vociferously supported such a radical step, “You’ve got this current Supreme Court, about to overturn Roe, probably about to overturn New York’s gun control law too. So why is there seemingly no support from Democrats. . .For expanding the Court, rebalancing it, as you’ve proposed?”


Jones responded:

You know, Mehdi, when I speak to my colleagues behind the scenes, they tell me that they think it’s a great idea to add seats to the Supreme Court. But what typically happens is that, for one or more reasons, they don’t feel like now is the appropriate time to push that policy. But we know that it is the only policy that will ensure that the crises that have been created and advanced, frankly, by this far-right 6-3 majority, uh — are actually ended, is through rebalancing the Court.

We have to thank Jones for this intel because he admitted that only political expediency is stopping the Democrats from attempting a legislative takeover of the judicial branch.

Hasan then asked Jones if the Democrats could avoid political Armageddon in the midterms “with strong, blunt messaging on preserving abortion rights, on doing gun reform, and calling out Republicans?”

Jones agreed that Democrats could keep the House if they passed “broadly popular pieces of legislation,” such as a “ban on assault weapons,” mandating a decrease in food and gas prices, packing the Supreme Court, and above all “to make sure that the American people know that the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail for the things that we say we believe in, rather than trying to negotiate with folks on the other side.”

How much of an echo chamber must you be in to seriously think that packing the courts, banning “assault weapons,” and refusing to reach across the aisle are “broadly popular” or anything other than political suicide?

Hasan wrapped up the interview by asking Jones, “What do you make of the Biden DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision this week, what we’ve learning about, that he’s not planning to charge Mark Meadows or Dan Scavino — former Trump officials — for Contempt of Congress?”

Jones replied with a boilerplate comment about how “nobody is above the law,” and that, “we may see something like what happened on January 6th again if we don’t get to the bottom of it and hold everybody accountable.”

Apparently, neither Jones nor Hasan has heard of executive privilege or the DOJ refusing to prosecute former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder for the same thing when he refused to turn over documents in relation to Operation: Fast and Furious.

There is bias, and then there is delusion, and Hasan and his radical Progressive ilk at MSNBC are firmly in the latter camp.

This radical left-wing fever dream was made possible by Plexaderm and Subway. Their contact information is linked.

LifeNews Note: Aidan Moorhouse writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.


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