Democrats Want to Show Dead Children From Shootings, But Won’t Show Living Babies in Ultrasounds

National   |   Mark Finkelstein   |   Jun 3, 2022   |   6:02PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-abortion liberals rage against laws requiring ultrasounds before women can get an abortion. But whereas liberals oppose having people see living babies, many liberals are now clamoring to force people to view dead babies and children—the victims of mass shootings.

On Thursday’s Nicolle Wallace Deadline: White House show on MSNBC, substitute host John Heilemann led the charge on the issue.

After approvingly citing an article in The Atlantic proposing that students refuse to return to school in the fall until Congress passes more gun-control laws, Heilemann switched his focus to the “dramatic proposal” that’s he’s been hearing from “a lot” of people lately. To wit:

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HEILEMANN: We need the American people to see what these children’s bodies look like when they’ve been hit, when they’ve been hit by these bullets, and make them face the ugliness of it. It’ll be a shocking moment, but the only kind of thing that might shock the system enough to get action.

They’re different kinds of proposals, those two, but they’re both really designed to shock the system in some way. Talk about why you think maybe that, those are the types of fresh tactics that we’re desperately in need of.

Heilemann’s guest, Dave Cullen, a gun-control advocate and author, heartily agreed: “I think we desperately need some new, fresh tactics and creative thinking. And, I like this!”

So, should we look for gun-control extremists to call on MSNBC, CNN, and other liberal outlets to implement their ghoulish proposal, and begin displaying the bodies of children killed in mass shootings?

Note: Heilemann isn’t the first liberal TV host to promote the viewing of dead bodies to promote his cause. Back during the Iraq War, Walter Cronkite proposed showing the dead bodies of American soldiers in order to turn people against the war.

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