Pro-Life Leader Tells “Real America Podcast” Half of America Will Protect Babies if Roe Overturned

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 2, 2022   |   10:18AM   |   Washington, DC

Half of America can finally protect babies from abortion when the Supreme Court, as expected given the draft opinion in Dobbs, overturns Roe v. Wade this month. That’s the good news from Marjorie Dannenfelser, head of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life group, in a new interview with national GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s “Real America” podcast.

Dannenfelser says there are 22 states where babies would be protected from all or some aboritons immediately.

“There are about 22 states that could move right away. They meaning they have a law already on the books, say a 15 week limit or 20 week limit. A heartbeat, Bill. Even Alabama has one from conception. So 22 states where they can pretty immediately act,” she told McDaniel.

Many of those states already have bans in place that will protect babies from day one or they can quickly and easily pass an abortion ban and have a pro-life governor sign it into law. Other state swill have more of a fight on their hands to offer legal protection to unborn children.

“Eight states will be battlegrounds. Meaning there’s a there’s a reason there’s like a Democratic governor, but a legislature. Yes, exactly. And then there are, of course, states like in Michigan where they’re trying to put the make a constitutional fine, find a right a right to a unlimited right to abortion in the Constitution and not allow anybody to have anything to say,” Dannenfelser added on the Real America Podcast.

The pro-life advocate told the head of the RNC that many pro-abortion activists are presenting a false message — making it appear aboritons will be illegal nationwide when Roe is overturned when the decision would merely return the abortion issue to the states for the people and their legislatures to decide instead of the Supreme Court.

“It’s just a restoration of states rights to legislate in this matter, to let the will of the people speak through their representatives and have the law reflect that will. And it will take a while and it will be messy. But it is this this incivility, this difficulty, the marching, the argument, the difficulty of this abortion issue has been heightened by the fact that that voice could not be heard and that every single state where there was a desire to do anything about it, the court says, no, they enjoined all of the laws,” the SBA leader said.

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And abortion will still be legal in many blue states.

“The voters will have a voice because it’s right. Guess what? News flash in California. It’s going to stay the same. That’s right. In New York, it’s going to stay the same. Nevada, it’s codified into their law. Abortion will stay the same. So it will just return it back to the legislature. That’s right. And to the states and the voters who elect those legislators,” McDaniel said on the Real America Podcast.

Dannenfelser also told McDaniel that many Americans don’t understand that Roe v. Wade essentially allowed abortion on demand up to birth.

“Roe versus Wade struck down every pro-life protection in the country on one day. It said that you can’t legislate in this area. It had a companion decision, which almost no one knows. It’s called the Doe versus Bolton came down the same day and it defined what the exact exceptions in the third trimester meant when Roe said You can only legislate here except for the health of the mom. Doe said the health of the mom includes all factors related to her health, including mental health regarding like the size of her family, mental readiness for the moment, which by definition is the biggest loophole that that ever was,” she explained.

Overturning Roe would also not impact contraception or key SCOTUS decisions on other issues.

“Alito makes very clear in the draft decision that this doesn’t touch those other those other those other areas at all, and that any. And he makes it clear that they’re not they don’t rest on Roe. So, I mean, if anybody worried about it or thought about it or any future judge had any concern that there would be a potential overturn of any of those precedents, they would look at Alito’s actual words that say it is not do not consider this an impetus to overturn any of those precedents,” she explained.

Dannenfelser says a majority of Americans are on board with protecting babies from aboritons — especially late-term abortions. Meanwhile, Democrats are getting more extreme — supporting abortions up to birth at taxpayer expense.

And as McDaniel explained, “They used to say safe, rare, the exception and legal, safe, rare and legal. They’ve changed that. They don’t want the rare. It’s astounding to me how many states have abortion available on the due date. That’s right. I’m a mother. We did a poll. 85% of Americans do not agree with that. They do believe in some restriction.”

Ultimately, McDaniel says stopping abortion is not against women because it’s about helping both mother and baby.

“It really is about the mother and and the unborn, the baby. And we don’t want to demonize mothers. We don’t want to demonize women in difficult situations. We want to find a way to support them and find other options and know that we care for them. That’s why there’s pregnancy crisis centers across the country that reach out to women. In this situation, we know that adoption is is an option. But I think that having that conversation and making sure, you know, right now I feel like the media is demonizing pro-life women.”