Leftists Plan to Blockade, Shut Down Supreme Court Before Decision to Overturn Roe

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 1, 2022   |   9:45AM   |   Washington, DC

Leftists plan to blockade and attempt to shut down the Supreme Court in two weeks as a decision is expected soon on whether the nation”s high court will overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect babies from abortion.

The Supreme Court reportedly has the votes to overturn Roe, according to a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade.

In early May, Politico broke the news about the leaked draft ruling on the Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. The draft, which is not final, shows five of the nine justices agreeing to overturn Roe and allow states to protect unborn babies from abortion again.

The Supreme Court could release the actual decision as early as next Monday, June 6th, although most Supreme Court observers say the decision will more likely be released toward the later part of the month.

Expecting that, radical pro-abortion activists have planned to blockade the Supreme Court on June 13th — and it’s a blockade that could get violent.

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A left-wing organization is planning to blockade the streets around the Supreme Court building in response to the court’s leaked draft opinion which revealed plans to overturn Roe v. Wade. The group advised participants to take action that “stretch[es] the bounds of constitutionally protected speech.”

#ShutdownDC, a group that describes itself as a “space where individuals and groups can come together to organize direct action,” is calling for demonstrators to block the streets around the Supreme Court on Monday, June 13.

“On June 13, one of the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision days, we plan to blockade the streets around the Supreme Court to rise up for the transformative change that our communities need,” the group’s website stated.

The group also tweeted that the upcoming demonstration is meant to “take a stand against the anti-woman anti-queer anti-safety anti-equality justices who represent a small minority of this country.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, one of the demonstration’s organizers said the goal is to “expand the current political crisis by shutting down the Supreme Court.”

At least one justice, Samuel Alito, the author of the draft opinion, and his family were moved from their home to a secure location due to the threats of violence. A fence and concrete barriers also have been erected around the Supreme Court building.

The Department of Homeland Security released a report warning that radical abortion activists are threatening to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their law clerks if the court overturns Roe. The report indicates these pro-abortion extremists also plan to target churches and other places of worship.

This already has started. Dozens of churches, pro-life organizations and individuals have been targets of arson, vandalism, assault, threats and harassment since the leak.

Many expect the high court will release its final ruling on the Dobbs case in June. If the court overturns Roe, the Guttmacher Institute predicts that 26 states may ban abortions. This would lead to hundreds of thousands of unborn babies being saved across the U.S.

Meanwhile, the individual or people who leaked the U.S. Supreme Court draft ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade still have not been publicly identified nearly a month after the unprecedented action.

CNN reports U.S. Supreme Court Marshall Gail Curley is leading the investigation, and Chief Justice John Roberts recently met with all the justices’ law clerks about the leak.

While many suspect a law clerk may have been the person who leaked the draft document, there is no evidence of this — at least not publicly, and the news outlet estimated as many as 75 people, including the justices, clerks and office staff, may have had access to the draft.

Polls consistently show that most Americans support stronger legal protections for unborn babies than what Roe allows. LifeNews highlighted 11 recent polls here. A new Rasmussen poll shows more Americans want Roe v. Wade overturned (48 percent) than want the ruling to remain in place (45 percent).

Since 1973, more than 63 million unborn babies and hundreds of mothers have died in supposedly “safe, legal” abortions.