Biden’s Press Secretary Slams Oklahoma Abortion Ban, Says Killing Babies is a “Fundamental Right”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 20, 2022   |   9:17AM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary has some pretty unkind words for the state of Oklahoma after it passed a third abortion ban yesterday that protects unborn children.

As LifeNews reported, Oklahoma legislature has passed a ban on abortions, protecting babies starting at conception. The measure is a Texas-style law that includes a private right of action as enforcement — but instead of protecting babies at six week when their heartbeat can be detected, it starts protecting unborn children at conception when their life begins.

All four Oklahoma abortion businesses will stop killing babies once Governor Kevin Stitt signs the new Oklahoma abortion ban early next week.

Karine Jean-Pierre released a blistering statement about the pro-life measure, calling the new legislation ‘absurd’, ‘extreme’ and part of the ‘ultra-MAGA’ movement to ‘roll back the freedoms we should not take for granted in this country’.

Yet she completely ignores the 50 years of rolling back the fundamental right to life — a right expressly mentioned in the Constitution unlike abortion.

She also said other ‘fundamental rights’ such as contraceptives and same-sex marriage are at risk even though the legislation mentions nothing about them and no legislation banning contraception or same-sex marriage has passed any legislature or is pending at the Supreme Court.

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‘The President believes that women have the fundamental right to make their own reproductive health choices,’ Jean-Pierre said. That’s true, but the right to reproduce is made prior to getting pregnancy and once pregnancy has happened reproduction has already occurred.

She added that the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade ‘has been the law of the land for almost 50 years, and basic fairness and the stability of our law demand that it not be overturned’.

‘Today’s action by the Oklahoma legislature is the most extreme effort to undo these fundamental rights we have seen to date,’ the press secretary said. ‘In addition, it adopts Texas’ absurd plan to allow private citizens to sue their neighbors for providing reproductive health care and helping women to exercise their constitutional rights’.

‘This is part of a growing effort by ultra MAGA officials across the country to roll back the freedoms we should not take for granted in this country,’ Jean-Pierre added.

Republicans ‘are starting with reproductive rights, but the American people need to know that other fundamental rights, including the right to contraception and marriage equality, are at risk’, she also said on the first day of the President’s trip to Asia.

With abortion businesses potentially closing the state is poised to follow Texas in saving thousands of unborn babies. The Texas abortion ban is a unique law that has been on the books for over 260 days and saved as many as 17,000 babies from abortions.