Her Mom Almost Aborted Her, Now She Fights to Protect Babies From Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 17, 2022   |   11:48AM   |   Washington, DC

Pamela Whitehead understands all too well why so many women turn to abortion facilities in times of desperation.

It’s something she did herself and her mother almost did, too, as young, pregnant abuse victims with no one to turn to.

On Monday, Whitehead shared her story of heartbreak, redemption and hope at a pro-life rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court building, The Daily Wire reports. As the executive director of ProLove Ministries, she said she wants mothers in difficult circumstances to know that pro-lifers understand what they are going through and want to help.

“You’re not alone,” Whitehead said she tells women. “I’ve been where you’ve been.”

According to the report, Whitehead’s mother chose life for her when she was just 15 and pregnant to an ex-convict.

“My mother’s first choice was abortion because she was told it was her fundamental right,” she said. “And she was a young mom. Of course, she felt like she couldn’t do this on her own. Her circumstances were terrible. But thankfully my grandfather stood up for me.”

Eight years later, Whitehead’s father beat her mother to death, and she was sent to foster care, the report continues. There, she said her foster father sexually abused her and her foster mother ignored it.

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“I look back on my life and I think, what if my foster mother had stood up for me?” she said. “What would’ve the direction of my life been like? What if my grandfather hadn’t stood up for me? I wouldn’t be here today.”

She contrasted those thoughts with the messaging of the abortion industry, which tells women that children like her are better off aborted because they will suffer later in life. And Whitehead did suffer. Her problems continued when she joined the U.S. Army and was raped. Later, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol. After leaving the military, she had two children and, in 2001, when she became pregnant with her third to an unknown father, she chose to abort her unborn baby, the report continues.

“I had no hope,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do and I made the decision to have an abortion in that pregnancy. … I felt abandoned, neglected, and my life really was hopeless.”

Eight years later, Whitehead said God changed her life, and she found forgiveness for her abortion and healing from the abuse that she had suffered for so many years.

Eventually, she connected with pro-life leader Abby Johnson, who also is post-abortive, and the two began working together. In 2019, they formed ProLove Ministries, based in Texas, to offer financial, emotional and material support to mothers and children in need.

Their goal is to provide families with “ongoing support in [their] own community through loving volunteers and organizations that we have a relationship with,” she said.

Many of the women who come to ProLove Ministries are victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse, women who feel hopeless and lack a supportive community as she once did, Whitehead said.

“We’ve had women who have had late-term abortions contacting us, they made this appointment out of desperation, feeling like they had no other option,” she continued, according to the report. “And we’ve been able to help them turn their lives around, change their mind, and today they are empowered, they’re parenting their own children. They’re in their own apartments.”

ProLove Ministries has helped thousands of mothers and children since it began three years ago, including more than 900 women and 2,000 children in 2021 alone.

Whitehead said she believes God has been using the suffering she experienced to help other mothers and children in need.

“My God has taken everything in my life that was meant for evil and he is using it for good,” she said.