It’s Way Past Time to Abort Roe

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   May 6, 2022   |   3:27PM   |   Washington, DC

This week I celebrated my birthday.

But that birthday could’ve easily been aborted.

I am the one percent that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion. My birthmom, despite being a victim of the violence of rape, did not make me a victim of the violence of abortion.

I’m someone who was conceived in rape but adopted in love. I’m someone with two compassionate parents who chose me despite how I came to be. I’m someone with twelve siblings (nine of whom were also adopted) in a multicolor family. I’m someone married to an incredible woman who chose to be stronger than abortion as a single mom. I’m someone who is blessed with four kids, two of whom were adopted.

I’m someone the pro-abortion Left thinks should’ve been aborted.

But the circumstances of our conception never change the condition of our worth. We have equal and irrevocable value regardless of what any activist, politician, or governmental institution claims.

It’s why I fight for the most marginalized and most vulnerable. That was once me.

My wife, Bethany, and I are cofounders of a nonprofit organization called The Radiance Foundation. We’re passionate about illuminating that every human life — planned, unplanned, able, disabled — has purpose. Imagine our inexplicable joy when we read about the leaked draft opinion for the Dobbs v. Jackson case from the Supreme Court! The majority want to abort Roe!

But the Democrat Party — the party of slavery and Jim Crow — has always struggled with seeing every human being as created equal. Today, they are the party of limitless abortion and the party of Planned Parenthood as they codify far more radical versions of Roe in state legislatures they control. They are deathly devoted to abortion. They’ve become unhinged with the fear that the abolition of Roe threatens their version of fake feminism.

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President Biden, in a weak defense of ruling that has led to over 63 million deaths, declared: “A woman’s right to choose is fundamental.” First, life is the most fundamental You can’t choose anything if you’re dead. Second, I’m glad the President finally remembers the term “women”. His party continually erases them from public conversations, referring to them as “pregnant people” or “birthing people.” Now, he conveniently recalls the basic science that women actually exist and are the only ones who can get pregnant. Third, everyone has a right to choose many things in a free society. There is, however, no constitutional “right to choose” to kill another innocent human being.

Biden also invoked the 14th Amendment claiming that Roe is rooted in it. That amendment reads, in part: “…nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” As one of the reconstruction Amendments, which finally recognized the humanity of people of my complexion, it was shockingly abused by the Roe Court to create a right to deprive any [unborn] person of life. Biden’s version of “personal liberty” gives some (namely abortionists) the license to violently strip life and liberty from someone else.

“Roe has been the law of the land for almost fifty years,” Biden said of the ruling even liberal scholars criticize. Slavery was the law of the land for nearly a century. We don’t simply keep laws because they’ve been around for a long time, especially when they’re unjust. When rulings are supremely wrong, they must be overturned. It’s called justice.

Every human life, regardless of her or his perceived value, deserves to celebrate a birthday.