Congress Should Establish May 2 Committee to Investigate Leftist Insurrection Against Supreme Court

Opinion   |   Gary Bauer   |   May 6, 2022   |   4:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Congress should establish a “May 2nd Committee” and immediately launch a thorough investigation of the left’s insurrection against the Supreme Court and the rule of law.

What’s happening now following the unprecedented leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion is much more than the work of one lone clerk with an ideological ax to grind. Once again, the entire left-wing complex has been mobilized to war against common sense and the American people.

As we noted yesterday, the conservative justice’s lives are in great danger after left-wing groups doxxed them. Radical demonstrators are planning to show up at their homes to intimidate them. Police officers are now stationed outside their homes.

Police cars and dump trucks were called in to protect the Supreme Court building. Non-scalable fencing has gone up. All this is being done to protect the court and the justices not from conservatives, but from left-wing radicals prone to violence.

A pro-abortion group, “Ruth Sent Us,” is organizing the protests at the justices’ homes. Of course, the group is named after the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but she would be horrified at these kinds of fascist tactics.

Yes, Justice Ginsburg was very liberal. But she was a traditional liberal who believed in civility. She and Justice Antonin Scalia, who likely would have authored this opinion if he were alive today, were very good friends. Justice Ginsburg would have been mortified if anything like this happened to him.

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Yet even as liberal as she was, Ruth Bader Ginsburg understood a very critical point that has been largely overlooked: Roe v. Wade is bad law.

But the left doesn’t care. It means to either rule the country or ruin the country. And to the left, the ends justify the means. In fact, you may recall there’s a radical left-wing group that goes by the acronym “BAMN” – By Any Means Necessary.

>Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the stormtroopers of the left, Antifa, is now attacking pro-life Christian ministries. A crisis pregnancy center in Portland was ransacked yesterday.

Think about that. Left-wing pro-abortion men attacked a group that helps the women who are often abandoned by liberal men. The violence on the streets is intended to continue the violence in the womb.

Left-wing religious bigots are also planning to disrupt church services this Mother’s Day. How tolerant.