Wisconsin Abortions Drop as More Babies are Saved From Abortions

State   |   Anna DeMeuse   |   May 4, 2022   |   2:59PM   |   Madison, Wisconsin

On May 3, 2022, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services released Reported Induced Abortions in Wisconsin 2020, an annual publication of Wisconsin abortion data. Since last reported, abortions performed in Wisconsin decreased by 1.2% – from 6,511 to 6,430.

Although the margin is small, 81 fewer babies were killed than in the previous reporting year. As Christ rejoices in just one who is spared, we, too, rejoice in these 81 lives spared from the violence of abortion. We work towards a day when the number of Wisconsin abortions is zero.

While the total number of abortions decreased in the 2020 reporting year, the report indicates a 6% increase in chemical abortions, rising from 33% to 39%. Pro-Life Wisconsin remains vigilant in monitoring this increase and is committed to intensifying education regarding chemical abortions and promoting the life-saving “abortion pill reversal” treatment offered by many Wisconsin physicians.

Pro-Life Wisconsin will not rest until every preborn child is protected, loved, and cared for. We give thanks to the many Wisconsinites who work hard each day across the state to end abortion – our volunteers, donors, prayer warriors, staff, board members, church members, clergy, religious orders, sidewalk counselors, pregnancy resource centers, legislators, Knights of Columbus members, and activists who stand in the breach for the preborn.

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State Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, Dan Miller commented, “Pro-Life Wisconsin congratulates the pro-life movement, present and active, in the Badger State for together bringing down the number of abortions from 6,511 in 2019 to 6,430 in 2020, a 1.2% decrease.”

Abortions do not happen on the Supreme Court steps nor at our State Capitol. They happen in the cities we call home, and we are proud to have such an active network of dedicated Pro-Life Wisconsinites committed to building a culture of life, community by community, in our great state. Today is cause for great joy in knowing that the work that we have accomplished together is bearing great fruit, yet there is much left to do. We must never relent in our efforts to defend our preborn brothers and sisters.