Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions in Georgia and Alabama Because It Can’t Find Anyone to Kill Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 29, 2022   |   10:08AM   |   Atlanta, Georgia

Planned Parenthood facilities in Alabama and Georgia are not aborting unborn babies right now because they cannot find an abortionist willing to do it.

The pro-abortion blog Jezebel reported the news this week as abortions become increasingly difficult to obtain in the south.

If the situation continues, it’s likely that thousands of unborn babies will be spared from abortion.

The abortion chain’s Planned Parenthood Southeast affiliate runs two abortion facilities in Alabama and three in Georgia. These facilities aborted 5,893 unborn babies last year, according to its annual report.

Now they are not doing any abortions. Earlier this month, the five abortion facilities canceled several abortion appointments and stopped scheduling others, citing staffing problems, according to Jezebel.

A spokesperson for the abortion chain told the blog Thursday that they still are not doing abortions and they do not know when they will start again.

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“PPSE continues to offer essential sexual and reproductive health services at our health centers across the affiliate, and we look forward to resuming abortion services in Georgia and Alabama as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

An independent abortion facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is trying to do more abortions to make up for the cancellations at Planned Parenthood, but its operations director, Robin Marty, told Jezebel that their employees are “exhausted.”

As a result of the situation in Alabama and Georgia and the Texas heartbeat law, babies are being saved from abortion. Some pregnant mothers may travel to other states or buy abortion pills online, but research indicates that many women who cannot get abortions will have their babies instead. What’s more, a widely publicized study by pro-abortion researchers at the University of California San Francisco found that 96 percent of women who wanted an abortion but could not get one later no longer wished that they had had one.

Meanwhile, pro-life advocates are working to expand support services for families in need. Along with passing the heartbeat law last year, Texas state lawmakers also increased support for pregnant and parenting mothers and babiesensuring that they have resources to choose life for their babies. Other pro-life advocates across the U.S. also are working to expand resources for families in needthrough pregnancy centersmaternity homes, and even pregnant and parenting mothers in prison.