New Conservative Company Offers Pro-Life Credit Card to Counter Woke Banks

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 28, 2022   |   7:11PM   |   Washington, DC

A new conservative-owned credit card company is offering pro-life advocates an alternative to the big, leftist-run banks that support the abortion industry.

The company Coign officially began Tuesday, offering special Visa credit cards that will donate a percent of the profits to conservative organizations, the Washington Examiner reports.

Coign advertises itself as “America’s first credit card for Conservatives.”  The Washington Free Beacon reports the new company’s advisory team includes former pro-life U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, a Colorado Republican, and other conservative leaders. Its founder, Rob Collins, previously worked as a U.S. House Republican adviser.

“Too many corporations are investing their customers’ money in political and social priorities that align with their executives, the media, and the left’s agenda,” Collins told the Beacon. “Coign will let conservatives voice their priorities through charitable donations they get to pick.”

Here’s more from the Examiner:

The credit card is marketing itself as an alternative for consumers who are tired of watching the profits from their patronage land with liberal groups that are antithetical, if not outright hostile, to their conservative values. … Collectively, the 10 largest credit card companies are among the firms that have donated to liberal groups, GOP operatives involved with Coign say.

These companies, including Chase and Bank of America, donated $1.2 million to pro-abortion groups and millions more to the Clinton Foundation and other leftist groups in 2020, according to the Beacon.

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Pro-lifers increasingly are searching for other places to do business as more companies publicly and proudly support the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

In March, Citigroup, a $1.7 trillion-dollar company, announced plans to begin paying its employees’ travel costs to get an abortion, including airfare, lodging and other expenses. A few weeks later, the online review site Yelp announced that it is doing the same.

AppleUber, GoDaddy, Match and TinderStitch Fix, Patagonia and Seventh Generation also have criticized states like Texas for protecting unborn babies from abortions. The software company Salesforce even offered to help its employees move out of Texas because of its heartbeat law.

These companies are not helping women by offering incentives to abort their unborn babies. Women already face intense pressure to have abortions, sometimes from partners and other times from their employers.

What they and their babies need is real support, and pro-life advocates are striving to provide it. Along with passing the heartbeat law last year, Texas state lawmakers also increased support for pregnant and parenting mothers and babiesensuring that they have resources to choose life for their babies. Other pro-life advocates across the U.S. also are working to expand support services for families in need, through pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and even pregnant and parenting mothers in prison.