South Carolina House Advances Bill to Help Save Babies From Abortion

State   |   Holly Gatling   |   Apr 27, 2022   |   6:58PM   |   Columbia, South Carolina

The Abortion Pill Reversal Act (H 4568) passed the South Carolina House Wednesday by an overwhelming vote of 71-29 largely along party lines. The bill requires abortion businesses to provide women with information about the window of opportunity to reverse the chemical abortion process.

Second reading is considered the most important vote and generally assures a law will pass the House or Senate. A third reading is required, but is considered perfunctory.

Representative John McCravy, R-Greenwood, chairman of the pro-life Family Caucus, said, “This is another important pro-life victory in South Carolina. It will ensure that women are informed about the option of reversing an abortion with progesterone if they change their mind after taking the first pill.” He is co-sponsor of the bill along with Representative Melissa Oremus, R-Aiken. More than 50 House members signed on the bill in support.

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In his comments on the House floor, Representative McCravy recounted the testimony of Manuela Timenez who saved her baby with the reversal protocol and spoke in favor of the bill before the State Senate Medical Affairs Committee. Ms. Timenez testified that she went to Planned Parenthood and took the first abortion pill. She immediately regretted the decision. She testified she called Planned Parenthood and asked if the pill could be reversed. She said Planned Parenthood’s response was that nothing could be done.

With his voice cracking with emotion, Representative McCravy, showed a photo of Ms. Timenez’s child, Oliver, now 18 months old, who was born as a result of a physician in Greenwood who treated Ms. Timenez with the abortion pill reversal protocol. See her story here.

A similar bill has been passed in 14 states and is in effect in 10. While it is on appeal in 4 states, “No case has overturned it,” Representative McCravy said. “Planned Parenthood will challenge anything that threatens them and threatens their business.”

South Carolina Citizens for Life President Lisa Van Riper praised passage of the bill as “another significant step forward in giving women full information about the procedure that is life-changing for her and often life-ending for her unborn child.”

The often-contentious, sometimes vile, debate lasted more than three hours. After pro-abortion Representative Krystle Matthews, D-Berkeley, used profanity in her diatribe against the bill, Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, R-York, called for members to respect the House Rule that requires decorum and “decency of language” for the conduct of business.

The Senate has a similar bill on the calendar for debate. It is still possible for the Abortion Pill Reversal Act to become law this year.