Kentucky Pro-Life Law Saves 23 Unborn Babies From Abortion in Just a Few Days

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 26, 2022   |   5:35PM   |   Frankfort, Kentucky

In just a few days, a Kentucky abortion ban already has saved at least 23 unborn babies from abortion.

The pro-life law, which protects unborn babies from abortion after 15 weeks, went into effect earlier this month. And although Planned Parenthood convinced a judge to block the law a week later, a Louisville abortion facility said it has had to turn away 23 pregnant mothers in the mean time, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

Kentucky has two abortion facilities: Planned Parenthood and EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville. Both are suing to overturn the pro-life law, but EMW’s challenge has not been successful thus far.

In its lawsuit, the abortion facility said it has turned away 23 pregnant women seeking abortions since the law went into effect April 13, and it continues to turn away one or more every day, according to the newspaper.

This means the law is saving unborn babies’ lives. Staff at the abortion facility said they tell the pregnant women about abortion facilities in other states and other resources, according to the newspaper, but it is likely that many of the women chose not to follow through with aborting their unborn babies. These women can find support for themselves and their families at pro-life pregnancy resource centers and other pro-life organizations.

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Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has resumed abortions in Kentucky. On April 21, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings agreed to temporarily block the state from enforcing the law as Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit moves forward.

Here’s more from the Courier Journal:

But because Jennings ruled only in the challenge filed by Planned Parenthood, EMW is concerned the ruling doesn’t specifically apply to abortions provided after 15 weeks, its motion said. …

So on Monday, EMW’s lawyers returned to federal court, asking Jennings’ permission to join the Planned Parenthood lawsuit and clarify whether her temporary restraining order applies to the 15-week ban in HB 3.

The Kentucky legislation is very similar to a Mississippi law that the U.S. Supreme Court is considering in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. A ruling is expected in June.

Most countries across the world prohibit or strictly limit abortions after 15 weeks. The United States is outside the mainstream, because, under Roe v. Wade, states are forced to legalize abortions up to viability and allowed to legalize abortions up to birth.

If Kentucky is allowed to enforce its law, it would save hundreds of unborn babies from abortions every year. According to state health department data, nearly 300 unborn babies were aborted after 15 weeks in 2020.

Kentucky is one of 26 states that likely would ban abortions completely if the Supreme Court allows states to do so, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

But some believe the Supreme Court may only limit abortions through the Mississippi case, still allowing unborn babies to be aborted in the first trimester but allowing states to ban them after 15 weeks. As a result, Kentucky, Florida and other states are passing 15-week abortion bans in the event that the Supreme Court does not completely overturn Roe.