Congressman’s New Bill Would Put Abortionists in Prison for Life for Killing Babies in Partial-Birth Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 26, 2022   |   12:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Congressman Markwayne Mullin wants harsher penalties for abortionists who kill unborn babies in violation of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.

This spring, the Oklahoma Republican introduced legislation that would punish abortionists with five years to life in prison without parole if they violate the federal law, according to The Daily Wire.

“Partial-birth abortion is a cruel and gruesome means to ending human life,” Mullin told the news outlet. “As a father of six children, including three that came into our lives through the blessing of adoption, I believe wholeheartedly that every human life is precious and that life begins in the womb. We have to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.”

His bill, the Partial-Birth Abortion Is Murder Act, would amend the federal law to include harsher penalties for violators. Currently, abortionists who kill unborn babies in partial-birth abortions can be punished with fines and up to two years in prison.

Mullin told The Daily Wire that he decided to introduce the bill after learning of the five late-term aborted babies whose bodies were found outside an abortion facility in Washington, D.C. Earlier this month, he and more than 60 other Republicans wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding the U.S. Department of Justice investigate the babies’ deaths.

Pro-life advocates believe the babies may have been born alive or killed in partial-birth abortions in violation of federal law, but D.C. authorities have refused to perform autopsies.

“Despite evidence that these babies were murdered in violation of federal law, the Metropolitan Police Department of D.C. has failed to seriously investigate Washington Surgi-Clinic and the local abortionist there,” Mullin said. “… With this bill, we’ll preserve the sanctity of human life and ensure no abortionist can get away with this ever again.”

Pro-life advocates with the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) said they found the bodies of five late-term aborted babies in late March in boxes from the Washington Surgi-Clinic, a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C.

PAAU leader Lauren Handy said the babies appeared to be “so advanced in their gestational age and the patterns in their wounds suggest violent federal crimes.” Pro-life and Republican leaders are urging both city and federal authorities to investigate if the babies were illegally killed in violation of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban or the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

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The D.C. police have custody of the bodies, but they have refused to investigate if the babies were victims of crimes, according to Fox News.

Washington, D.C. allows unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth, and Washington Surgi-Clinic advertises abortions at “27 plus weeks of pregnancy,” which is long past the point when babies are viable outside the womb.

Years ago in an undercover investigation by Live Action, Washington Surgi-Clinic abortionist Cesare Santangelo admitted that he “probably wouldn’t” help a baby who survives an abortion even though “legally we would be obligated to help.” He later backtracked on that statement in an interview with the Washington Post.

Pro-life leaders named the babies Ángel, Holly, Phoenix, Harriet and Christopher X. They said they also named the 110 first-trimester aborted babies who they found in the boxes and gave them a funeral Mass and burial.