She Was Conceived in Rape, That’s Why I Oppose Killing Babies Like Her in Abortions

Opinion   |   Adam B. Coleman   |   Apr 25, 2022   |   7:14PM   |   Washington, DC

We tend to believe that in politics bipartisanship on a particular policy will inherently result in a positive outcome. It sounds admirable for people on opposing political spectrums to put differences aside and find a common ground for the benefit of everyone. However, what if bi-partisanship results in the continuation of death for a particular group of people?

As someone who entered politics from the liberal perspective, I supported the concept of being pro-choice and never shied away from acknowledging what abortion truly is. While conservatives opposed my stance of allowing women to choose the fate of their unborn, there was always this bipartisanship of allowing abortion for one circumstance: rape.

I’m not a cold-hearted or callous human being. I can understand why a woman who was violated in such a heinous manner might choose to get rid of their living constant reminder. As much as conservatives lean on life being precious, putting restrictions on the right to abortion for rape victims comes off as unempathetic to the point of appearing as a third-rail type of policy discussion.

As my personal views on the morality of abortion had changed more towards the pro-life stance, being that all life is precious including the unborn and we should do everything possible to protect it, I still held that old exemption for the unborn who were forcibly created.

In some ways, it’s understandable because there is no lobbying group made of children of rape advocating for this exemption to be removed. We likely don’t know anyone who was conceived from this circumstance due to its rarity and because of this, we find it difficult to fight for their right to exist alongside any other child.

Sometimes it just takes one person to influence how you see the world and challenge your principles. For me, it was a woman by the name of Shemeka Michelle. Shemeka is a cultural commentator for Blaze Media and someone who I am fortunate enough to call a friend. She’s spoken openly about how her mother was a teenager when she was raped and become pregnant with Shemeka.

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It wasn’t until I met Shemeka that I was able to put a human face on this population of people who I was ready to discard for political unity. If Shemeka’s mother made a different decision, I theoretically would have been okay with this because I placed one life as being more important than another.

I think many pro-lifers are scared to fight for children like Shemeka because they don’t want to be seen as discarding the emotional toll that rape has on the mother, but should feelings always matter more than life? If children are a blessing, why are children of rape not a blessing in disguise? Why are we okay with punishing the child for the sins of the father?

I realized that children like Shemeka are sacrificial lambs in politics by both political parties. Republicans will always make exceptions for their deaths even as they aim to restrict abortions in states across the country and Democrats will always place the mother’s feelings over the unborn’s existence.

Republicans are supposed to be the party of protecting the unborn, yet they are actively allowing children of rape to remain as expendable tools for political compromise while avoiding the stigma of being heartless in the public eye. But why are they afraid of appearing heartless in front of people who believe women should be allowed to become executioners for their own children?

Democrats have politically made Republicans show themselves as being hypocrites to their supposed pro-life stance by cowering to the exemption of rape. This exemption has put even Republicans in the position of saying that some life is less valuable than others which are antithetical to what they preach. All life is supposed to be valuable and deserving of protection including those conceived by rape.

LifeNews Note: Adam B. Coleman is the Author of “Black Victim To Black Victor“, Op-Ed Writer, Public Speaker, and Host of “A Good Faith Space.” He is the founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. He strongly believes that we should all have the ability to speak freely and advocates for people who feel voiceless to be heard.