Man Complains About His Ex Refusing to Kill Their Disabled Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 21, 2022   |   4:52PM   |   Washington, DC

A father who wanted to abort his disabled daughter complained on the internet recently about the sacrifices that his ex-girlfriend has made to give their little girl a chance at life.

Newsweek reports the 26-year-old father, who goes by the username Delicious_Appeal_369 on Reddit, said he never met his daughter, now 5. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend dropped out of college to care for their daughter and spends her whole life providing for the girl’s medical needs.

To him, his ex-girlfriend’s sacrifices are just a “game.” Not love from a mother who recognizes the innate value of her child’s life, no matter what her abilities.

Writing at Reddit, the father said he and his ex-girlfriend were childhood sweethearts, and, at age 20, they learned that they were pregnant. Initially, he said he was excited about the idea of getting married and starting a family.

All that changed in his mind, however, when prenatal testing revealed that their unborn daughter had a serious genetic disorder, according to the report. The man said doctors advised his ex-girlfriend to abort their daughter, but she refused.

“I don’t know why, but my ex was insistent on seeing it through,” he wrote. “I still to this day do not know why. She and her whole family were not religious. She was liberal in many of her views and always seemed to be pro-choice. Yet, she refused incredibly adamantly to get an abortion, despite them being available to her.”

While she was still pregnant, the man said he broke up with her and refused to ever see his daughter.

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“… I told her I could no longer participate in whatever game she was playing. I did not want to play caretaker to a heavily disabled child at the age of 20,” he wrote.

“My daughter was born with a multitude of issues. At the age of five, she cannot speak, walk, eat on her own, and must be attended to 24 hours a day. My ex dropped out of college only weeks after and since then has lived with her parents being a nurse 24/7 with her mother,” he continued.

He pays child support and part of his daughter’s medical expenses, but he admitted that he still refuses to see her. And while the man expressed some admiration for his ex-girlfriend’s sacrifices for their daughter, he said he does not understand why she won’t put their child in a long-term care facility.

Bitter that his daughter is alive, he said he has no regrets about abandoning her and his ex-girlfriend.

“And I can honestly say that I do not regret it one bit. In a just world, my daughter would never have suffered such the tragic fate of being born into this world. That, is my only regret here,” he wrote.

Had he had his wish, however, his daughter would have suffered a violent death before she ever had the chance at life outside the womb. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the most common abortion method is dismemberment, in which the unborn baby is torn limb from limb and removed in pieces from the womb while her heart is still beating.

The man claimed his daughter is suffering, but he has never even met her. And by his own account, it appears that his ex-girlfriend and her family are pouring out love and care for the little girl every day. They apparently recognize that the little girl’s life is valuable even though she has disabilities; and, because of their sacrifices, she has the opportunity to experience love and joy.

If anyone is causing the little girl suffering, it is her own father – a man who abandoned her, refuses to see her and keeps wishing she was dead.