Planned Parenthood Staffer’s Ironic Comment: Abortion is “Life or Death For Some Patients”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 18, 2022   |   6:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Angela Huntington says she works in the abortion industry because she wants to help people.

“I see human beings — I see their fear all day,” the Missouri Planned Parenthood worker told Refinery 29 in a new interview. Later, she added, “This is life or death for some patients, and to know that this is a vital need I’m helping out with every day keeps me going.”

But Huntington is helping women abort their unborn babies – an unnecessary and life-destroying practice that harms the very human beings who she says she wants to help.

Huntington’s job at Planned Parenthood is as a “patient navigator.” It’s a new role helping women with the logistics of getting an abortion now that Texas and potentially soon many other states are protecting unborn babies and mothers by banning abortions.

Sometimes she just helps a pregnant mother schedule an appointment, but often Huntington said she helps connect them to pro-abortion financial aid groups and make travel plans.

“Or if they need gift cards for food, or a night at a hotel because it’s a two-day procedure. Sometimes there is no car in the picture so we’ve been known to help out with that…” she said. “We might have patients who’ve never flown before and they’re terrified to do so, so we need to get them on a Greyhound bus. It really depends on the patient and there is no cookie-cutter ‘abortion package.’”

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In the interview, Huntington emphasized her desire to help people in need as she talked about the scared, desperate pregnant women who she hears from every day.

“I get a lot of comfort from knowing that I am able to help people,” she told Refinery 29. “If I’ve learned anything, it’s every once in a while, we all need help. And we should all be okay with asking for it, because we can’t get anywhere in this world if we don’t help each other out.”

However, the only “help” she appears to be giving is not really help at all.

Aborting an unborn baby is the opposite of health care. It does not heal or help the mother; to the contrary, it puts her physical and mental health at greater risk. And the purpose of an abortion is to kill another human being, the woman’s own unique, living child. Tens of thousands of doctors will attest to the fact that an abortion is not life-saving or health care — not for the mother and not for her baby.

Huntington does not appear to be helping mothers who choose life for their babies either.

“Sometimes we’ll book someone and they’ll change their mind about having the procedure and that’s okay. Because abortion is their choice. If you decide not to, we don’t ask questions. We just cancel it, no problem,” she said.

But Refinery 29, a pro-abortion news site, did not ask if Huntington and her employer, Planned Parenthood, support struggling pregnant mothers when they choose life for their unborn babies. Looking at Planned Parenthood’s annual reports, it’s clear that it does not. The billion-dollar “non-profit” aborts more than 350,000 unborn babies every year, while its prenatal and adoption services are basically non-existent.

Often abortion workers go into the industry thinking that they will be helping women in need, but hundreds have quit because they realized the truth. The abortion industry is focused on profits, not helping women, and their business literally is a matter of death – millions of deaths of innocent babies in the womb.