Watch the LaBrant Family Pro-Life Video That Instagram and YouTube Censored After It Reached Millions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 14, 2022   |   4:23PM   |   Washington, DC

Tens of millions of people follow the LaBrant Family on Instagram and YouTube every week, watching their children grow up and the family live out their Christian faith.

Last week, Cole and Savannah LaBrant took a bold step in publishing their own pro-life documentary on their social media pages, knowing that the controversial issue would bring backlash from some fans.

The powerful 38-minute video encourages Christians to love and support pregnant mothers and their babies, while sharing the disturbing truth about how abortions kill unique, living babies in the womb. Cole also shared a heart-to-heart conversation with his grandmother, who nearly was forced to abort his mother.

Standing up for unborn babies is not a popular stance among those who run social media companies, however, and, this week, Instagram censored the LaBrants’ video, the Daily Wire reports.

“Instagram did take our feed post down,” Cole wrote on his Instagram page. “This is ok, fortunately we have talked with our team at YouTube and they’re keeping the documentary up there, which is most important.”

The LaBrants promised to donate all the ad revenue from the video to pregnancy centers, but Cole said YouTube demonitized it this week.

“They did demonetise and take the video out of the algorithm. Which is all ok, we assumed this would happen,” he told fans. “The biggest thing this does is significantly reduce the video’s reach. The more people the video reaches, the more people who can find help. This makes it where you can really only watch the video if you have a link or go directly to our channel.”

The couple said they are trusting that God will continue to use their message to touch lives, despite the censorship.

“At this point we’ll leave the message in God’s hands and trust that whoever is supposed to watch it, will watch it,” Cole wrote. “You guys have supported this so much and we’re so thankful. If you feel led, please share the documentary with people you know.”


The video follows the couple exploring the abortion issue with former abortionist-turned pro-life advocate Dr. Anthony Levatino, the founder of pro-life ministry Embrace Grace, and several mothers who chose life for their babies in difficult circumstances.

Cole also shared how abortion directly affected his family in an interview with his grandmother.

Pregnant and unmarried at 17, his grandmother said the boy who got her pregnant tried to force her to have an abortion. One day, she said the boy and his father drove to her house to take her to the abortion facility, but her dad made them leave without her. That baby was Cole’s mother.

“I was never sorry. I was never sorry,” she told her grandson. “… And the minute you hold that baby and look at that baby, everything that you went through that was scary, it just goes away.”

Thinking about his grandmother’s story, Cole said he began to realize the whole generational impact of abortion.

“If my grandma did not decide to keep my mom, not only would I not be here but my kids wouldn’t be here, and one day my kids’ kids and my kids’ kids’ kids and so on,” he said. “Saying yes to keeping your baby affects so much more than you could ever imagine.”

Despite the censorship, the LaBrant’s documentary already has nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

“There is so much passion on either side of the topic and there seems to be no middle ground and no humane conversations,” the couple shared in the video. “So much anger and so much hate. In the midst of it all, we truly believe that love is the answer.”

“If one baby is saved from this – if one mom chooses to keep her baby from it it’s all worth it,” they added.