Planned Parenthood CEO Finally Admits: We’re “Pro-Abortion”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 5, 2022   |   4:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood finally admitted that it is “pro-abortion.”

The abortion chain’s honesty came out in an interview this week with the Washington Post — after decades of insisting that aborting unborn babies is just a small part of what it does and demanding hundreds of millions of tax dollars to provide “health care” to women in need.

Its CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson, told the newspaper that they plan to begin using the term “pro-abortion” more often, and they are lobbying politicians to say the word “abortion,” too.

“Planned Parenthood would stay away from any language that would stigmatize abortion as a procedure,” Johnson said. “And we recognize that not every choice is equal, and not every choice is easy.”

The interview caught the attention of Professor Robert P. George, a pro-life advocate and law professor at Princeton University. He wondered how the media will respond to this new rhetorical “command.”

“How many times have you heard PP supporters insist, ‘we’re NOT pro-abortion, we’re pro-choice’?” George wrote on Twitter. “What will be amusing is watching the media, once the order officially comes down from the high command, start using the term ‘pro-abortion’ after decades of refusing to use it because it is allegedly ‘inaccurate,’ ‘false,’ even ‘a smear.’ (Shades of Gus Hall in August of 1939.)” Hall was an American communist leader.

The leftist Washington Post admitted that the shift to “pro-abortion” by Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, NARAL and others represents “a drastic change from [their] rhetoric even a few years ago.”

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Pro-abortion groups used to complain when pro-life advocates called them pro-abortion, preferring the nicer-sounding euphemism “pro-choice.”

And for years, major news outlets, including the BBC and the Associated Press, have complied with their demands, instructing writers not to use the term “pro-abortion.” Notably, these news outlets do not give the same courtesy to pro-life groups; they tell writers to refer to pro-life groups as “anti-abortion.”

Interestingly, McGill Johnson inadvertently seemed to admit to the Washington Post that pro-abortion groups avoided the word “abortion” on purpose to disguise the truth from the public.

“Voters expect candidates to say what they mean, without unnecessary vagueness,” Johnson said of the new campaign to urge lawmakers to say the word “abortion.”

Here’s more from the report:

Politicians are imagining the word “abortion” to be more alienating than it actually is, abortion rights advocates say. While other terms might poll better with moderate voters, pollsters agree that the word itself isn’t as alienating as it once was. …

Tresa Undem, a pollster who has led hundreds of focus groups on abortion, said she has noticed that abortion has become far less stigmatized in recent years. Ten years ago, she said, the room would get silent as soon as someone started talking about their own abortion. “The air would get sucked out of the room,” she said. But now, she added, people are far more likely to casually mention their abortion experiences.

“Now it’s just like, ‘When I had my abortion, blah, blah, blah.’”

Abortion activists certainly have become more bold, but they still hide the truth about what an abortion does: kill a unique, living unborn baby. Instead of “choice,” they now talk about abortions in terms of “fundamental rights” and “health care,” which are no less deceptive.

This new rhetoric disguises how an abortion unnecessarily and intentionally destroys the life of an irreplaceable human being, sometimes in brutal fashion by dismemberment or poison. It hides how abortions hurt mothers, too, by exposing them to greater risks of infection, infertility, depression and suicide.

But the term may backfire on Planned Parenthood. A number of its former patients and staff already have accused the abortion chain of putting abortions and money ahead of patientsneglecting to inform patients about abortion risks and alternativesrefusing to let them see their unborn babies’ ultrasound images and worse. Some women have died along with their unborn babies after abortions at Planned Parenthood, others say the abortion chain ignores victims of sexual abuse to sell abortions.

Meanwhile, more staff are quitting and more former patients coming forward to expose how the abortion chain’s “pro-abortion” focus hurts women and babies.

Planned Parenthood does about 40 percent of all abortions in the U.S., or about 350,000 a year while reporting billion-dollar revenues. It also receives at least $500 million tax dollars every year, and it’s lobbying Congress to lift the ban on taxpayer funding for abortions.

The billion-dollar abortion chain has huge political influence over the Biden administration. Its CEO recently bragged about staffing the president’s administration with pro-abortion “champions.” The abortion chain spent at least $45 million to support President Joe Biden and other pro-abortion candidates in the 2020 elections.