Democrats Want to Overturn All Parental Consent Laws, Let Teens Have Secret Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 31, 2022   |   11:13AM   |   Washington, DC

Laws that make sure parents are involved when their underage daughter wants an abortion are a new target of the abortion industry and its allies in the Democratic Party.

But Democrat lawmakers apparently don’t like talking about it.

National Review writer John McCormack recently decided to ask Democrat leaders about the issue as some states vote to repeal their parental involvement laws and Congress nearly passed a radical pro-abortion bill that could have done the same nation-wide.

These laws protect unborn babies and young girls, and polls show Americans support such legislation.

However, almost every Democrat in the U.S. House and Senate recently voted in favor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a radical pro-abortion bill that would force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions for basically any reason without restriction.

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, a pro-life Republican and chair of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, told National Review that the Congressional Research Service confirmed state parental consent laws likely would have been struck down if the pro-abortion bill had passed.

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“Since the Senate voted on the WHPA on February 28, I’ve asked several Democratic senators about the bill, and they don’t seem prepared to defend it,” McCormack wrote.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumethal, D-Connecticut, avoided answering the question multiple times. According to the report:

“I’d have to get back to you,” Blumenthal replied in response to each question. When I followed up with him later, he said the bill “would preclude medically unnecessary laws” but refused to specify whether parental-involvement laws fell into that category.

Similarly, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, deflected the question, saying the vote in February was just on a “motion to proceed” with debate on the bill, and questions about specifics are “premature.” But, as McCormack noted, Bennet is a sponsor of the bill, so he should know what it would do.

A third Democrat lawmaker, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, of Michigan, told National Review that he believes “parents should always be involved in decisions for their children.” Yet, he also voted for the bill.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Arizona, was the only one who gave a direct answer, telling the news outlet:

As a parent myself, somebody who has raised two daughters who are now in their mid 20s, I take this very seriously. But ultimately I feel that young women at a certain age should have the rights to make these kind of decisions with their doctor,” Kelly told National Review in the Capitol. But at what age should a minor be able to make that decision without parental consent? “I’m not going to be the arbiter of an age and a timeline and red line,” Kelly said. “You know, people ask, ‘Is there a red line here?’ No. But, I think it’s important for women to be able to make these decisions on their own, and not a bunch of folks in Washington making them for them.”

Most states require children under 18 to have a parent’s permission before getting a tattoo, piercing or basically any medical care, but abortion activists want to make an exception for abortion. Many pro-abortion groups now are openly calling for an end to parental consent and parental notification, arguing that young girls have a “right” to an abortion without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

In December, Illinois repealed its parental notification law despite massive public opposition. NBC 5 Chicago reported state residents submitted nearly 50,000 notices of opposition to the legislation, and a 2021 poll found 72 percent of Illinois voters support the parental notification law, including many who identified as pro-choice.

Former sex trafficking victims also speak out about the need for parental consent laws to protect young girls. Frequently, sexual predators and traffickers use abortion to cover up their abuse.

Research shows that parental involvement laws protect young girls and save unborn babies from abortions.

Currently, 36 states currently require parental involvement (consent or notification) before a minor has an abortion. A 2011 Gallup poll found 71 percent of Americans favor laws requiring parents’ involvement in a minor’s abortion decision.