Abortionist Celebrates Killing Babies: “Nothing I’ve Ever Done is More Satisfying”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 29, 2022   |   6:30PM   |   Washington, DC

To Ohio abortionist David Burkons, the unborn babies who he makes a living aborting are just “problems.” And he offers the solution.

The Akron Beacon Journal recently published an interview with Burkons, who runs an abortion facility in Cuyahoga Falls. The Journal described him as “one of Ohio’s most prolific abortion doctors.”

In the interview, Burkons portrayed himself as a hero for helping women “take care of” their “problems.” These “problems” are unique, living unborn babies – his patients’ own children.

“Nothing I’ve ever done is more satisfying than this,” Burkons said of his abortion work. “You just come into work, and every patient walks in with a problem and they walk out without that problem.”

Interestingly, however, he inadvertently admitted that he does not help women with their real problems.

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“They still have the problems that brought (them here) — you know, a bad relationship, money. There’s nothing we can do about that. But this we can take care of,” Burkons continued.

Burkons appeared in a good light, but his record suggests he has a callous disregard for all human lives, not just unborn babies. According to Live Action News, he has an extensive history of “injuring women, neglecting to properly record opioid drug prescriptions, and keeping his facilities in decrepit condition.”

In 2017, the State Medical Board of Ohio voted to suspend his license for six months after health officials said he improperly prescribed medications to patients, including signing blank prescriptions and leaving them with his staff.

Last year, pro-life advocates also reported finding the remains of an aborted baby, hazardous waste and patient records in the trash outside his abortion facility, the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center.

Despite these and other health and safety violations, the Journal suggested Burkons’ work is a good thing and noted his growing telemedicine abortion business.

According to Live Action: “He spends a mere five minutes with patients in these virtual appointments — a dangerous lack of care. Meanwhile, the Journal praised his business as thriving, writing that he has seen ‘a combined 84% increase in abortions, from 1,899 to 3,498. The business is on pace to hit 3,850 abortions in 2022.’”

Abortion drugs are not safe for mothers or unborn babies, especially without medical supervision – something even a Planned Parenthood medical director confirmed in a recent interview.

Burkons is not really helping women at all. He is making more problems by destroying their children’s lives before they have the chance to live them and leaving many women with a lifetime of pain and regret.