The View Defends Ketanji Brown Jackson Giving Pedophile a Light Prison Sentence

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Mar 25, 2022   |   10:23AM   |   Washington, DC

Following Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s final day before the Senate Judiciary Committee in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the coven of ABC’s The View not only defended Jackson’s record of giving light sentences to pedophiles and child porn offenders but also defending one of the pedophiles who had images and videos of kids as young as eight years old. Of course, this happened as the cast claimed they had the “receipts” and the Republicans were “gaslighting dude.”

Co-host Sara Haines whined that Democrats on the committee “could have done more to counter the misinformation” allegedly coming from Republicans. “[T]hey’re good at, like, sound bites and the broken record approach of gaslighting,” she sneered. “The misinformation about her defense of child pornography, like the people who offend with child pornography, it’s not true.”

According to her, Jackson’s record going light on pedophiles and child porn offenders “[fell] within the guidelines” and Republicans only care about it because “it’s a kind of dog whistle to QAnon, the extreme QAnon.”

Moments later, co-host Sunny Hostin declared she had “the receipts” to prove Jackson was in the right. She whined that “Ted Cruz and others … kept talking about the Hawkins case which she sentenced this person to I think three months in prison, plus a six-year supervised release,” as if that was an acceptable sentence.

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She then went on to downplay what the offender did and seemed to hint that it was the fault of his religious family:

The facts of that case are very distinct because he was an 18-year-old, he was a teen, and he is gay, and he comes from a family — a religious family who abhors homosexuality. He went online to look at gay porn. And yes, some of the images were of children his age and younger. Those are the facts. This is not someone that participated in creating pornographic images.

Hostin obfuscated the fact that this offender had images and videos of kids as young as eight years old and how Jackson had described those kids as “peers” of the offender.

“This is not someone that, you know, met with an undercover detective to trade information and possibly exchange sex acts,” Hostin continued with her defense. “None of that happened, and so it was so disingenuous for them to take that one case and try to smear her record.”

Haines and fellow co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar chimed in to take part in the defense take swipes at Republicans:

GOLDBERG: None of that happened.

HOSTIN: None of that happened, and so it was so disingenuous for them to take that one case and try to smear her record. The other thing is —

BEHAR: Well, they’re hoping that people don’t know the facts.

HOSTIN: Don’t know these facts.

HAINES: They don’t want people to look into it.

“They don’t have receipts, and I always have ‘em,” Hostin proclaimed hollowly.

This disgusting defense of a pedophile by The View was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Angi and Olay. Their contact information is linked.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.