California Gov Gavin Newsom Signs “Kill More Babies” Bill Forcing Taxpayers to Fund More Abortions

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 23, 2022   |   8:27AM   |   Sacramento, California

California Gov Gavin Newsom has signed the “Kill More Babies” bill that would force taxpayers in the Golden State to fund more abortions.

Newsom and California Democrats aren’t helping pregnant women with things like baby clothes, maternity care, child care or employment assistance. Instead, they’re forcing taxpayers to fund more abortions and make ending the lives of unborn children a little less expensive.

The bill would make abortions much cheaper for people on private health insurance plans, making California the fourth state in the country to ban insurance fees for ending the lives of unborn children.

California already requires private health insurance plans to cover abortions. But insurers are allowed to charge people things like co-pays and deductibles, which adds an average of $543 to the cost of an abortion with the dangerous abortion pill and $887 to the cost of a procedural abortion, according to an analysis by the California Health Benefits Review Program.

ACTION ALERT: Contact Gov. Gavin Newsom to express your opposition to his signing the bill.

The bill Newsom signed would eliminate out-of-pocket costs for abortions on private health plans. While the bill would reduce the cost of abortions, it would also slightly increase monthly premiums for patients and their employers — putting the cost of killing babies on California taxpayers and businesses even if they’re pro-life.

A leading pro-life group condemned the move.

Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council, which opposes abortion, said eliminating out-of-pocket costs provides an extra incentive for patients to seek abortions “beyond any other health care choice.”

“The real tragedy is in the state we now are really treating abortion like we treat no other health care services,” he said. “We do not see the Assembly today, for example, vote to make dialysis free. We did not see the Assembly vote to make insulin free.”

“Abortion is a harmful procedure that kills an innocent life and harms a mother every time it is performed. Further, abortion is not safe even when experienced physicians perform them,” he added. “Additionally, abortion is never necessary. The vast majority of abortions are not performed for the sake of the mother’s health, and for those that are, there are better ways to care for a mother who is experiencing complications.”

“What women experiencing crisis pregnancies really need is information about the help and support available to them. Most women “choose” abortion out of desperation and end up living with life-long pain and grief. If democrats and abortion providers really cared about women’s health, they would focus on life-affirming care,” he continued.

ACTION ALERT: Contact Gov. Gavin Newsom to express your opposition to his signing the bill.