Planned Parenthood Sponsors “Creepy” Ice Cream Truck That Hands Out Condoms

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 15, 2022   |   10:44AM   |   Austin, Texas

Nothing is beyond the debasement of the abortion industry. Not even a favorite children’s treat.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson revealed the abortion chain’s latest propaganda tool: an ice cream/condom truck, The Blaze reports.

“Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for abortion rights!” Johnson wrote on Twitter, sharing an image of the truck. “… stop by to grab some free Bans Off swag, condoms, and education on the cold hearted policies of the Texas legislature.”

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the abortion chain’s political arm, is using the abortion-themed ice cream truck to give away ice cream and condoms at the South by Southwest festival this week in Austin, Texas, according to the report.

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All across the truck are slogans advocating for the killing of unborn babies in abortions, juxtaposed with images of bright pink ice cream cones, sprinkles and popsicles. “Join the fight to defend abortion access,” one line reads under the image of an ice cream cone nestled between a condom and pregnancy test.

In keeping with the abortion chain’s targeting of younger and younger patients, the truck also displays a poster showing condoms that look like popsicles designed after popular cartoon characters and comic book heroes.

The truck immediately met backlash online from pro-life and abortion supporters alike, many calling it “creepy” and depraved.

“In other news, Planned Parenthood has hired a creepy van,” Emily Zanotti of Fox News Digital wrote.

“Yeah this is pretty creepy and cringey,” another person responded.

“S— like this is why I’m no longer pro-choice,” a third person wrote.

Even some of Planned Parenthood’s supporters disapproved.

“I’m very pro-choice… but this is pretty f—– up,” one woman wrote in response to Johnson. “… This is a truly disgusting way to advertise this type of business. It shouldn’t be treated as a business at all, it should be treated as a serious medical procedure.”

Abortion, the “core mission” of Planned Parenthood, is serious, but it is not a legitimate medical procedure. The purpose of an abortion is to kill a unique, living human being, the woman’s own child, and it is not health care.

Planned Parenthood does about 40 percent of all abortions in the U.S., or about 350,000 a year while reporting billion-dollar revenues.

Meanwhile, services that actually do help women and babies thrive – such as prenatal care, adoption services, postpartum care and more – are basically nonexistent. According to its recent annual reports, which are available publicly online, many of the abortion chain’s actual health services, such as contraception, sterilizations and cancer screenings, are down, while its abortion numbers are up.

Its patient numbers also have been dropping steadily over the past decade amid numerous reports of unethical and allegedly illegal activities by Planned Parenthood, including selling aborted baby body partsbotching abortions that killed womencovering up the sexual abuse of minorsdiscriminating against pregnant and racial minority employees, exploiting young girls by selling cross-sex hormones and more. The abortion chain even recently opposed an Indiana bill to protect women from coerced abortions.

However, Planned Parenthood has huge political influence over the Biden administration. Its CEO recently bragged about staffing the president’s administration with pro-abortion “champions.” The abortion chain spent at least $45 million to support President Joe Biden and other pro-abortion candidates in the 2020 elections.