Twin Newborn Babies Stranded in Ukraine Rescued, Reunited With Their Parents

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 10, 2022   |   6:33PM   |   Warsaw, Poland

Twin boys who were born prematurely in Ukraine just as the war with Russia broke out are safe now at a hospital with their parents.

The Western Journal reports brothers Moishe and Lenny Spektor were rescued from Kyiv this week and taken across the border to Poland by U.S. Army and Navy veterans with the organization Project Dynamo.

The twins were born prematurely at the end of February to a surrogate mother, Katya, in Ukraine. Their parents are American: Alex Spektor and Irma Nuñez, of Chicago, according to the report.

Spektor and Nuñez were not able to get to Ukraine for the boys’ birth, and they worked desperately from the other side of the world to transport their sons to safety after Russia declared war on Ukraine, the report continues.

First, they set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to move their sons out of Ukraine. Then, they connected with Bryan Stern of Project Dynamo, a group of former U.S. military veterans who help Americans escape war zones, NPR reports.

Stern said he and his team could feel the Russians’ bombs as they picked up the boys in an ambulance earlier this week at their Kyiv hospital.

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“[The Russians] were shelling something else, but it was close enough that the ground was shaking,” Stern said. “I mean, the artillery doesn’t care what it is. It’s gonna land where it lands. The artillery doesn’t say like, ‘Oh, well, there’s babies here, so we’ll go somewhere else.’”

Meanwhile, Spektor was waiting to meet his sons for the first time at a hospital in Rzeszow, Poland, according to the report. Anxiously, he counted down the hours until their arrival.

“They’ve been on the road for about six hours, and they have five more hours after that. They will be put into the NICU immediately. We don’t want to slow down that process,” he said.

Despite the danger, Stern and his team kept the twins safe. Eventually, they made it across the border and arrived at the hospital with the twins.

“[We are] honored the Project Dynamo team was given the opportunity to help the Spektor family with rescuing their twin premature sons, Lenny and Moishe,” the team wrote Wednesday on Facebook. “Every seat filled on each of our missions, has a story, a family, and is equally important, but pulling this mission off was such a rewarding experience.”