Hungary Just Elected Its First Female President, And She’s Pro-Life and Pro-Family

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 10, 2022   |   1:32PM   |   Budapest, Hungary

The nation of Hungary just elected its first female president and she is both pro-life and pro-family.

Hungarian lawmakers elected Katalin Novak, a former cabinet minister, as the country’s first female president. Novak, 44, was elected for a five-year term on Thursday with the required two-thirds majority of parliamentary votes.

Novak is a a former Family Affairs Minister who has touted the importance of chilren in a society that embraces killing babies in aboritons.

In her victory speech, Novak talked about the importance of families — including her own — and said, “Having children was one of the most important decisions of our lives.”

“I am ready for this task, I am all prepared. I have to represent all Hungarians. I will remain who I am,” she said. “To do this, I will not take the cross from my neck, but I will press it to my heart,” she added.

As the Daily Wire reports, pro-life advocates praised her election.

“Katalin Novák has been a significant champion for families and the thriving of all Hungarians,” Institute for Women President Valerie Huber said in a Thursday statement. “The family is the backbone of every healthy society, and is critical to the health and thriving of women, men, and children.”

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“We look forward to her victory signaling Hungary’s continued commitment to the principles of the Geneva Consensus Declaration,” added Huber. “As minister, she implemented family-friendly incentives and family protections, but she also stood as a courageous woman in the defense of every Hungarian through thriving families. I am convinced she will do the same as Hungary’s first woman president!”

Novak also laughed off the idea that someone who wishes to save the planet must abstain from having children, calling such a sentiment “crazy” and noting that such ideas were not common in Hungary.

“We just say that it’s stupid,” she said, adding, “That is an advantage of our politics, we speak frankly, we are outspoken. We use simple language that everyone understands.”

“If you don’t have children, for whom do you preserve the planet for?” she asked. “You want to preserve it because you want to give it to your children and grandchildren….you cannot argue with something like that in Hungary.”

About a decade ago, Hungary adopted a new constitution that includes an article which protects life from the moment of conception. Article II states: “Human dignity shall be inviolable. Every human being shall have the right to life and human dignity; embryonic and foetal life shall be subject to protection from the moment of conception.”

Following that, the nation undertook an ad campaign designed to demonstrate the humanity of the unborn child, reduce the rate of abortion, and save the lives of children in the womb. The ad features the picture of a baby in utero who speaks a message to his or her mother who may be considering abortion, “I understand if you aren’t ready for me …but rather put me up for adoption, LET ME LIVE!”

According to Marie Smith, Director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, “The Hungarian constitution was signed on Easter Monday and nicknamed the “Easter Constitution” as a sign of rebirth for Hungary and a sign of hope for all of Europe. The new ads which dramatically show the baby in the womb while she or he awaits birth are a step in a new direction in Hungary that offers hope, life and love to Hungarian children and concern for their mothers.”

Smith praises the government officials for the ad campaign adding, “Hungarian leaders recognize that a picture is worth a thousand words and a picture of the child in utero can be more effective than hundreds of speeches urging protection for the unborn child. The use of such imagery demonstrates the undeniable humanity of the baby in the womb and has dramatically helped move US public opinion to the pro-life position. We applaud the ad campaign in Hungary and the government’s efforts, especially those of Prime Minister Victor Orban, to promote the life-affirming option of adoption over the violence of abortion.”