Feminists Celebrate Abortionists Today: Thank You for Killing Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 10, 2022   |   2:11PM   |   Washington, DC

To appreciate someone means to honor them for doing something good, often selflessly and sacrificially for the benefit of others.

Abortion Providers Appreciation Day is a mockery of that.

Pro-abortion groups have claimed March 10 as a day to “appreciate” abortionists who kill nearly 1 million unborn babies in violent, unnecessary abortions every year and make a lot of money doing it. Abortion is a billion-dollar industry.

This week, in honor of the day, Ms. Magazine ran a piece portraying abortionists as heroes who weather “attacks on abortion access” to provide “care” in places “where no one else will.”

It decried the massive progress pro-life advocates have made to protect unborn babies from abortion, resulting in abortion businesses closing at an “alarming rate.”

“This day is an opportunity to spread appreciation and gratitude for the resilient providers who, in order to provide essential care to their communities, have to navigate quickly-changing laws while enduring unrelenting threats, violence, and harassment by anti-abortion extremists,” the piece opined.

Other news outlets published opinion pieces and letters to the editor from abortion activists about their “appreciation” of the people whose work destroys more lives than any other cause in America each year.

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At NC Policy Watch, North Carolina abortion worker Amber Gavin and Dr. Amy Bryant complained that they are “dehumanized” for trying to help women. They said abortions are “crucial” to women’s well-being, and many abortion patients come from very difficult situations.

“Those of us who provide this care, as medical professionals and as clinic staff, often do so out of dedication to reproductive freedom and full bodily autonomy for all people,” Gavin and Bryant wrote. “We share a desire to help people whom others have judged and stigmatized as unworthy of dignified, safe healthcare.”

All this suggests that abortion is something good and necessary, but it isn’t. The purpose of every abortion is to kill a unique, living human being, the woman’s own child. Abortions kill, they do not save, and they are not health care, as tens of thousands of doctors will attest to.

Nor do abortions help women. Frequently, financial struggles and a lack of family support are what drive women to consider abortions, and these are struggles that pro-life advocates help women overcome through pregnancy centers, maternity homes and other charities – all without any cost to her. In contrast, abortion workers “help” by taking these mothers’ money, often failing to inform them about abortion risks and alternatives, and then ending their unborn babies’ lives before sending them out the door to deal with their problems on their own.

Pro-life advocates are not “dehumanizing” or threatening abortion workers, either. Quite the opposite, the pro-life movement wants to see abortion workers give up their deadly work and dedicate their lives instead to real health care and support services for women in need.

In recent years, pro-life advocates have been increasing efforts to help abortion workers to leave the industry, offering temporary financial support, counseling, job assistance and more. And Then There Were None, a ministry to help abortion workers quit, and 40 Days for Life especially have been instrumental in helping former abortion workers find help and healing.

The problem with appreciating abortion workers is that they have no appreciation for the life of an unborn child. Babies in the womb are unique, irreplaceable human beings who deserve the same rights as everyone else. They are the ones being dehumanized and violently killed, but there is no appreciation day for them.