Abortion is the Number One Killer of African-Americans

Opinion   |   Patrina Mosley and Kristan Hawkins   |   Mar 7, 2022   |   5:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, attorneys filed an appeal in the ongoing case of the D.C. government’s viewpoint discrimination against Black pro-life activists from the Frederick Douglass Foundation and allies from Students for Life of America. D.C. police arrested pro-life activists for chalking “Black Pre-born Lives Matter” on a public sidewalk while no arrests were made for those on the other ideological aisle who permanently painted Black Lives Matter on the street leading to the White House.

Using one hand, institutional powers plaster the headlines with stories of the police brutality that claimed 23 unarmed Black lives in 2018, while using the other hand to prop up and celebrate the abortion violence that claimed 117,626 unarmed Black children’s lives in the same year.

This double standard has long existed.

Black feminist foremother Frances Ellen Watkins Harper said in her 1866 speech “We Are All Bound Up Together,” “In advocating the cause of the colored man, since the Dred Scott decision, I have sometimes said I thought the nation had touched bottom.”

Well, it didn’t.

The Dred Scott decision of 1846 went down in history as one of the worst ever rendered rulings declaring slaves were not to be considered citizens, but rather property. Simply put: Black lives didn’t matter.

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Our nation really hit bottom in 1973 when Roe decided human life in the womb didn’t matter either. The case was decided with knowledge of how it could and would be used to target minority populations.

Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledged this fact openly, saying in 2009: “Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Today it is estimated that abortion has claimed the lives of 21 million Black Americans.

Black Americans comprise about 13% of the population but undergo 34% of all the nation’s abortions, many committed by the nation’s leading abortion supplier, Planned Parenthood, whose death chambers are conveniently located within walking distance of minority communities — nearly 9 in 10!

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was a feminist and eugenicist. Sanger, who allied herself with white feminist racists, demonstrated how specific targeting of birth-control methods would help to “exterminate the Negro population.”

Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans, more lives than heart disease, cancer, violent crimes or accidents.

Coincidence? Planned Parenthood and pro-abortionists would have you think so today.

While both Harper and Sanger were contemporaries of prominent feminists at the time, Harper did not allow white feminists to hijack her main objective, which was abolishing the injustice of slavery and the equal rights for Black lives.

Delivering her speech at the National Women’s Rights Convention in New York City, standing alongside white feminists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

“You white women speak of rights. I speak of wrongs…”

She wasn’t just concerned with how institutionalized injustice hurt her and women; she mourned its deleterious effect on the entire nation: “Society cannot trample on the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse of its own soul.”

Our country is still dealing with the unintended consequences of slavery as Marxists are using this scourge (later corrected by our nation with the 13th and 14th amendments) as a way to justify the theory that ethnicity is directly related to inferiority and oppression.

Today, white feminists try to muffle Black women who are vocal about their lived experiences as the targets of the white supremacist abortion regime. Instead, the white feminist who still wants to speak for Black women is busy arguing that minority women can’t thrive unless they can have their children killed.

Just this week, I (Patrina) along with Students for Life’s Michele Hendrickson testified in the Maryland General Assembly where a delegate asked how does abortion provide greater equity knowing how disproportionately impacts the Black community when white female pro-abortionists retorted back that not to enshrine abortion in the state constitution would tell Black women that you don’t trust them to make their own decisions.

This great nation ended the Black slave trade. Then it ended segregation. Next it will abolish the abortion violence that is uniquely ravaging the Black community.

Through initiatives like Standing With You and the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, Americans who value justice are serving the communities most targeted by the abortion industry and showing feminists and our nation what it really means to care for Black lives and women. The future of America is anti-abortion, and it starts now. If that’s too woke for the white feminist, then that’s too bad.

LifeNews Note: Patrina Mosley is an author, speaker and National Advisory Board member of Project 21. Kristan Hawkins is president of Students for Life of America & Students for Life Action, with more than 1,300 groups on middle and high school, college and university, medical and law school campuses in all 50 states. Follow her @KristanHawkins or subscribe to her podcast, Explicitly Pro-Life.