Catholics Must Hold Joe Biden and Every Catholic Politician Who Supports Abortion Accountable

Opinion   |   Brian Burch   |   Mar 2, 2022   |   7:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Moments ago a reporter from EWTN asked Joe Biden:

“As a Catholic, how do you support abortion, defying Church teaching?”

Biden was flustered. He said: “I tell you what, I don’t want to get into a debate with you about theology.”

This… on Ash Wednesday… with ashes on his forehead!

The question is an excellent one. And not just for Joe Biden, but for every Catholic member of Congress and the U.S. Senate – including those who just voted for the most extreme abortion law ever introduced.

Thankfully, that law failed by a vote of 48-46.

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But we’re not done.

Yesterday the powerful Susan B. Anthony List announced a massive new ad campaign in Arizona focused on “Catholic” Senator Mark Kelly. CatholicVote is helping fund a portion of this campaign.

Don’t forget Kelly just voted for the extreme abortion bill on Monday. And Kelly is considered one of the most vulnerable Senators seeking re-election.

We’ve already committed $100,000 to this campaign. And we’ve got more ads planned in other states.  

Catholics have to fight for what we believe. We have to hold our elected officials accountable.

LifeNews Note: Brian Burch is the head of CatholicVote.