Abortionist Complains It’s Hard to Get Dates Because She Kills Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 2, 2022   |   5:43PM   |   Washington, DC

Society never will accept the killing unborn babies in abortions despite all the talk about it being “normal” and “health care.”

And abortion workers’ stories about their struggles with dating and making friends suggest that even most “pro-choice” Americans are uncomfortable with it.

California Catholic Daily recently published an article about an abortionist who spoke with the Washington Post about how difficult it is for her to date.

“In the past, I’ve tried every strategy: Burying references in my online dating profile; waiting until the third date to talk about the specifics of my work; carefully dropping the word ‘abortion’ in conversation and watching for a reaction,” the abortionist said.

Even the “open minded” leftist men who she dates have “a reaction” when she tells them she is an abortionist.

“And there’s always a reaction. Every man I have ever dated — no matter how liberal or open-minded he professes to be — has flinched, looked away, or gone silent when I first tell him what I do…” she told the newspaper.

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“In more instances than I’d like to recall, this has meant that a new relationship ends before it really starts. The majority of American adults support a woman’s right to an abortion, but it’s another matter to date someone who performs them,” she continued.

Other abortion workers also have admitted to struggling to make friends or hiding their work from family. Noemi Padilla, a nurse and former abortion worker in Florida, recently told CNS News how she felt isolated from others after she began to work at the abortion facility. Padilla said she began to spend almost all her time with her co-workers because of the stigma around abortion work.

“Your entire life becomes the abortion clinic,” Padilla said.

According to Clinic Quotes, a survey of abortionists found that about two-thirds feel ostracized and not respected in the medical community. Half said they have problems retaining staff, and 64 percent said the legitimate health care that they practice suffers because they also do abortions.

There is a stigma surrounding abortion work and for good reason. An abortion is an unnecessary, violent procedure and its purpose is to kill a unique, living human being: the woman’s own child.

Pro-abortion groups spend massive amounts of time and money trying to re-educate society with propaganda that disguises the truth about abortion, and they try to demonize pro-life advocates with talk about “shame” and “stigma.” But pro-life advocates are not creating “stigma” around abortion. Abortion itself carries a stigma because killing an innocent child is wrong, and these testimonies from abortion workers show that the truth will always prevail.