Joe Biden Will Nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court, Abortion Activists Love Her

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 25, 2022   |   10:26AM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden will nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court to replace retiring pro-abortion Justice Stephen G. Breyer. The nomination fulfills Biden’s much-criticized pledge to only nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court without considering more qualified candidates who are men or of some other race.

Leading pro-abortion groups love Jackson, saying she would vote to “uphold” the radical Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that allowed virtually unlimited abortions and has resulted in killing more than 63 million unborn babies.

In addition to his racist and sexist pledged, Biden has previously indicated that he will only appoint to the Supreme Court nominees who fully support abortion and believe in the completely made up and fictional right to abortion that does not actually exist in the Constitution. That makes it clear Jackson will be a reliable pro-abortion vote on the high court at a time when it is considering overturning Roe.

Judge Jackson currently serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, arguably the second most powerful court in the nation. It has history been the springboard for future Supreme Court justices, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh, and the late Justice Ginsburg all served on the top appellate court.

Jackson has no record when it comes to abortion cases, but the pro-abortion group NARAL, which supports abortions up to birth and financed at taxpayer expenses, loves her.

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After the Senate confirmed Jackson to the D.C. Circuit, NARAL released a statement saying, “We applaud the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Her confirmation to the D.C. Circuit brings us one step closer to a judiciary that better represents the diversity of our nation and one that will uphold our most fundamental rights and freedoms — including reproductive freedom.”

There is no right to abortion in the Constitution, but Justice Breyer consistently ruled for abortion in every case. The only good news for the pro-life movement is that Judge Jackson or Breyer’s eventual replacement will not change the current makeup of the Supreme Court on abortion.

Already, a leading pro-life advocate has called on pro-life Americans to oppose Jackson’s nomination.

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, told LifeNews: “We strongly oppose the nomination of this extremist to the Supreme Court, but did not expect anything better from the Democrats. Judges are not supposed to invent rights that are not found in the text, structure or history of the U.S. Constitution. We urge all citizens to communicate with their U.S. Senators starting today to ask them to vote against this nominee.”

Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, told LifeNews she also opposes the nomination.

“March for Life opposes President Biden’s anticipated nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the United States Supreme Court based on her record of judicial activism. We expect her to be a reliable vote for the far left and the Biden administration’s radical abortion agenda,” she said.

Mancini added: “Consider the widespread national division and millions of unborn lives lost as a result of one activist decision in Roe v. Wade. Every American – born and unborn – deserves equal protection under the law. We urge the Members of the Senate to stand for our nation’s mothers and most vulnerable unborn by rejecting this extreme nominee, and we encourage the nomination of a judge who will honor our Constitution and the right to life.”

Biden’s pro-abortion litmus test may be the most recent but it’s far from the first on in Supreme Court history. Breyer was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1994 and fulfilled the campaign promise Clinton made to use the support for Court’s decision to legalize abortion on demand in Roe v. Wade as a litmus test for any nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Not surprisingly, Breyer is leaving behind a lengthy pro-abortion record.

In August 2019, during a campaign stop, Biden stated that any nominees he would name for the U.S. Supreme Court would recognize that there were “unenumerated rights” in the Constitution that include abortion on demand.

In response to the potential White House nominee, Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, said a pro-abortion nominee would merely expand on Biden’s radical pro-abortion record.

“Though the Biden Administration has done everything in its power to promote abortion on demand which tragically has caused the deaths of over 63 million unborn children since 1973, we would hope that the White House nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court would have intellectual integrity and not be somebody who would ignore the Constitution just to promote abortion.”

Breyer will retire after more than 27 years on the nation’s highest court. Breyer is a pro-abortion stalwart who has always been on the pro-abortion side in any legal battles over pro-life legislation.

His retirement paves the way for Joe Biden to appointment a replace, who will almost assuredly be a liberal abortion advocate who would vote to keep Roe v. Wade and 63 million abortions in place.

Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, to allow Biden to have time to appoint and the Senate to confirm a successor. He is currently one of the three liberal justices, along with Elana Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. His replacement would maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

At 83, Breyer is the court’s oldest member. Liberal activists have urged him for months to retire so Biden can name and a Democrat-run Senate can confirm his replacement. They were upset that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stayed on the court for years longer than she could have — and should have allowed Barack Obama to name her replacement.

In response to the news, Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate will confirm Biden’s expected Supreme Court nominee “with all deliberate speed.”

Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life, told LifeNews she’s certain pro-abortion groups are excited at the opportunity to get one of their own on the high court.

“Justice Breyer’s retirement is just what the predatory Corporate Abortion political operation has been dreaming about, as their entire model is focused on abusing the courts to take what the voters won’t give – abortion up to birth,” she said.

And another pro-life group has already said it will likely oppose Biden’s nominee.

“President Biden has promised to only appoint justices who support abortion on demand through birth. Should he follow through on this promise, we will vigorously oppose the president’s nominee,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “The news of this vacancy comes as we await the Court’s ruling in Dobbs this summer followed by the pivotal midterm elections. The stakes have never been higher in the fight to secure legal protections for unborn children and return the issue back to the people to decide through their elected representatives, not unelected judges.”

Last year, Breyer said he had no plans to retire. Breyer answered “no” when asked if he knew when he would retire.

He gave two reasons that would contribute to an eventual decision: “Primarily, of course, health,” Breyer said. “Second, the court.”

Liberals have urged Breyer to step down at the end of the court’s current term so that President Joe Biden can name a younger, liberal justice to the bench while Democrats hold a Senate majority. But Breyer told CNN that he was happy as the court’s highest-ranking liberal, saying that it had “made a difference” to him.

Breyer has been on the court since 1994, longer than any justice except for Clarence Thomas, who was confirmed in 1991.