Abortion Clinic Staffer Quits After Woman is “Railroaded” Into Getting Abortion. Now She’s Pro-Life

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 18, 2022   |   10:17AM   |   Washington, DC

Noemi Padilla’s story begins like a lot of former abortion workers’. She took the job because of her desire to help women.

At first, working for the Florida abortion facility seemed perfect. It was more money and closer to home than her current nursing job. The staff seemed friendly and the workload easier, and she would be helping women in desperate situations.

But slowly and steadily, Padilla began to feel herself die inside – a “death by a thousand cuts” – as she helped to abort baby after baby and ignored the true needs of their suffering mothers.

CBN News report Padilla quit the Florida abortion facility after four years with the help of And Then There Were None, a pro-life ministry that provides counseling and support to abortion workers leaving the industry. Now, she is sharing her story publicly.

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“I felt walking in [to the abortion job] that I was going to be doing the best possible mercy care,” she told CBN. “What better care to give than for somebody going through such a hard time at that moment?”

As time went on, however, Padilla began to struggle with the things that she saw and began doing herself.

“A clinic where abortions are performed is awash in death. What may not be as apparent is the death that occurs to those who work there, like me—death by a thousand cuts,” she wrote in a piece on the And Then There Were None website.

She told CBN that abortions were done in a robotic, assembly-line fashion, and money was prioritized above women’s needs. The longer she worked at the abortion facility, the more she struggled with her own doubts. She said abortion workers are “the biggest liars to ourselves.”

Finally, “I couldn’t face myself in the mirror,” she remembered.

Four years in, Padilla hit the final straw after she helped to “railroad” a woman into a late-term, $7,000 abortion.

“Audrey (not her real name) who had initially confused us with a nearby pregnancy center, came to get sonograms every month since becoming pregnant,” Padilla said. “I had been feeling an extreme desire to help a pregnant woman who didn’t want an abortion, so we were a perfect match. Over five months, I was able to joyfully perform the sonograms and watch as her healthy baby grew steadily and surely.”

Then, one day, a local hospital rushed Audrey to them for an “emergency” abortion after they said her unborn baby was diagnosed with a fetal anomaly, Padilla said.

“I watched the development of her baby for all those months and I knew the baby was as healthy as an ox. Was it all a mistake?” she asked.

Padilla tried to find out, but she said she felt like she was being “muzzled.” So, she simply sat there quietly, holding Audrey’s hand as her baby was being aborted.

“My old self would have turned over tables to fight for a woman who was being railroaded into aborting a baby she wanted and had no fetal anomaly,” she said. “But beaten down as I was, I sat there unable to summon the fight anymore. I let that woman go through the procedure without once raising my voice. I would see the medical records later. Nothing seemed to indicate the need for an emergency termination.”

After that day, Padilla finally quit. Thanks to a local pro-life sidewalk counselor, she said she knew about And Then There Were None, and she contacted them. There, founder Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood manager, and others showed her the love and forgiveness that comes through Jesus.

Padilla told CBN that quitting was difficult, but she is glad she now has the chance to speak up for life.