Woman Who Survived Abortion: I’m So Much More Than Just a Clump of Cells

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 17, 2022   |   12:35AM   |   Washington, DC

Amy Miles does not understand why she survived an abortion when so many millions of other babies have not.

But the Oregon woman knows that her life has purpose, and part of that is telling her story to help people understand the value of babies in the womb.

Miles recently shared her story with the Life Institute, a pro-life organization in Ireland, as part of its new Survivors Project.

Born June 6, 1980 in Ashland, Oregon, Miles said she survived a late-term abortion when she was approximately 28 to 30 weeks gestation.

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“I was a viable birth. I am a person,” she told Life Institute. “An individual with my own thoughts and feelings. I don’t know what that young woman (her birth mother) was told by those around her at that time or what she was told when she entered that clinic; but I do know this: I am so much more than ‘just a clump of cells.’”

Miles said her birth mother probably was a local college student, and medical records indicate that she did not know she was pregnant until about a month before Miles was born.

“It is not known to me whether [she] thought she was early on in her pregnancy and the doctor at the clinic believed her to be early in the pregnancy but either way, I survived,” she said.

However, she said the botched abortion caused brain injuries, and she later was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

About a month after she was born, Miles said she was adopted into a loving home by a couple who could not have children and almost had given up hope of adopting.

“My parents adopted me soon after this date and were the number one advocates and supporters in my young life and they continue to be some of my biggest fans today,” she told the pro-life organization.

Now, Miles is a wife and mother, and an occupational therapist who works with children. Because of her cerebral palsy, she said she wears hearing aids and experiences weakness, muscle tightness and balance issues with her legs.

Though she does not understand why she survived the abortion, she said she believes God has a plan for her.

“I fully believe that God loves and protects his creation. His most prized creation is human life,” Miles said. “As time goes on, my hope and prayer is that my story can help someone else.”

Someday, she said she hopes to connect with her birth parents and tell them that God loves them.

“I wish for my story to be one of love, forgiveness, and inspiration. From my little beginnings, big blessings have and continue to be given,” Miles said.

Watch the full interview here.