Abortion Activists Destroy Cross Display on Christian Campus to Mourn Babies Killed in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 15, 2022   |   11:49AM   |   Malibu, California

Students at Pepperdine University, a Christian school in California, laughed recently as they destroyed a pro-life display in remembrance of the 62 million unborn babies who have been killed in abortions.

Campus Reform reports the Pepperdine College Republicans club set up the pro-life display in September with 620 crosses, each representing 100,000 unborn babies who have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

However, pro-abortion students quickly destroyed the display, covering over it with slogans like “No uterus, no opinion,” “My body, my choice” and “God does NOT support the legislation of women’s bodies,” according to the report.

They also changed the club’s message “Lives Taken by Abortion since Roe v. Wade = 62 million” to “62 million women saved by abortion since Roe v. Wade.”

Spencer Lindquist, president of the Pepperdine College Republicans, told Campus Reform last fall that the response to their display was “vitriolic,” noting how students laughed and smiled for photos as they destroyed it.

“After we used crosses on our Christian campus to memorialize the loss of 62 million lives, we were met with a vitriolic response,” Lindquist said. “People tore down crosses, turned them upside down, covered our memorial, and posed for pictures smiling in front of the representation of 62 million aborted babies.”

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In a statement to Fox News, the university emphasized its commitment to protecting students’ free speech on campus. However, it did not mention what, if any, action the university took against the students.

“Pepperdine University is committed to free, open, and respectful speech on our campus, a commitment that is rooted in our Christian mission and ethos,” the statement read. “We affirm that truth has nothing to fear from investigation. Thus, we believe that public debate on topics important to a free society is enhanced when members of our community freely and respectfully express their viewpoints.”

Hostility toward pro-life students is common on college campuses. Pro-life student clubs frequently report acts of vandalism and threats, difficulty receiving official club status approval and struggles with administrators to receive the same resources as other campus clubs.

Within the past month, LifeNews reported about abortion activists throwing smoke bombs at pro-life students in Texas and a man allegedly threatening pro-life advocates with a metal bar outside an abortion facility in Nebraska. In New York City, abortion activists screamed profanities at young children and families leaving a pro-life Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and projected disgusting pro-abortion messages onto a prominent Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. In Mississippi, they vandalized a pro-life billboard.

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