Abortion Businesses Just Sell Abortions to Pregnant Women From Texas. No Medical Care, No Prenatal Care

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 11, 2022   |   12:02PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s not really about a woman’s “choice” at abortion facilities. It’s about selling abortions.

Pro-life advocates have been saying this for decades, and the situation in Texas right now just further proves the point.

When Texas banned abortions on unborn babies with detectable heartbeats last September, the change gave abortion facilities the opportunity to stop abortions and actually focus on what they claim to be doing: women’s healthcare.

After all, killing unborn babies in abortions is not health care, and many women seeking abortions say they would choose to parent if they had better support.

Instead of switching to offer prenatal care and other services, a new report indicates that some abortion facilities in states bordering Texas are dropping the few actual health services that they provide to sell more abortions.

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According to The 19th:

Clinics in states surrounding Texas are still struggling to absorb displaced patients months after the state’s six-week abortion ban went into effect. …

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, clinics have seen double or triple the number of patients they previously would have, said Dr. Eve Espey, who chairs the OB-GYN department at the University of New Mexico and founded its center for reproductive health.

They’ve increased staffing, added more appointments and cut back on other family planning services to account for the increase in patients seeking abortions.

In other words, they are cutting back on family planning services that prevent abortions so that they can sell more abortions.

Implied throughout the report is the notion that abortions are necessary, but that is not true. Most abortions are purely elective, and not long ago even most Americans who support abortion believed that lowering abortion numbers was a good thing.

Now, however, abortions are being treated as something good and necessary, while parenting and adoption are being demeaned and stigmatized.

It appears that abortion facilities near Texas are not encouraging women to truly consider their choices either or pointing them to the many pregnancy and parenting resources available to struggling families.

According to the 19th, when Hope Medical in Shreveport, Louisiana is too busy to book another abortion appointment, it puts the pregnant mother on a waiting list or sends her to another abortion facility. There is no mention of options counseling or pregnancy/parenting resources.

The report continues:

At one point, patients seeking appointments couldn’t find anything available for as much as six weeks. (In Louisiana, abortions are available up until 22 weeks of pregnancy.) The clinic has now stopped booking visits that far out. Instead, when someone calls, the staff will take their information — including how far along they are in their pregnancy — and try to call back later if an appointment opens up. But that process still may take two or three weeks. If Hope Medical doesn’t have the bandwidth to see someone, staff will recommend another clinic, but that could require a patient to travel even further.

Killing unborn babies in abortions is big business. The abortion industry is a billion-dollar entity, and it receives hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year, thanks to pro-abortion politicians, and billions more from some of the world’s richest men. Former Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen even admitted that abortion is their “core mission.”

Meanwhile, non-profit pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes are providing real help to mothers and babies. These community-based organizations do not sell anything, and their motives are simply to support mothers and save babies’ lives.

Most offer counseling and pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, maternity and baby clothes, diapers and car seats – all for free. Some also offer medical services including well-women exams and STD testing and treatment. Many provide post-abortion counseling as well and help women sign up for government aid. Then there are maternity homes that provide temporary shelter, job skills training and other support. Some pro-life charities even provide child care and scholarships for moms in school.

There are an estimated 2,700 pro-life pregnancy centers across the United States. Recent research by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found these centers served almost 2 million people in 2019, providing more than 730,000 pregnancy tests, nearly half a million ultrasounds, 1.3 million packs of diapers and more than 2 million baby outfits.

Pro-life organizations are helping thousands of Texas mothers choose life for their babies, giving them the hope and help that they deserve. Unlike the abortion industry, they recognize that both mother and child are valuable human beings who deserve compassion and support.