Woman Tells Her Family They Should Have Aborted Her Nephew Because He Cries Alot

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 10, 2022   |   8:03PM   |   Washington, DC

A frustrated new father vented his anger on the internet this week after his sister-in-law told him that he and his wife should have aborted their young son.

Newsweek reports the father, username Inallyfedup002, shared his story on Reddit and asked if he was being a “jerk” for telling his sister-in-law to move out of their home after she repeatedly demeaned their 10-month-old son.

The man, 30, said his sister-in-law is a 24-year-old college student who began living with them not long after their son was born.

He said the sister-in-law’s attitude has been antagonistic from the moment that they announced they were pregnant. Rather than sharing in their joy, she responded “eww that’s so gross,” he said.

“After our son was born, she threw a fit because my in-laws sent her a couple of pics and she called my wife asking her to tell their parents not to send her anything because not everyone cares about babies,” he wrote.

Since moving in with them, he said she complains constantly about their son crying and needing attention.

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“If my son cries she loudly says ‘oh my god shut him up see this is why- yada yada won’t have kids, etc.,’” the father wrote. “’He’s so annoying, he’s so needy,’ makes dramatic gagging noises when we’re feeding him fruits and tells us to take him somewhere else for that.”

Finally, one day, he lost his temper with her after she complained about their son crying when he bumped his head.

“… she says you guys had months to abort, you did this to yourselves. So I snapped at her,” he said. “That if she hates babies so much then she’s welcome to get the h— out of my house, don’t understand what deep hate she has for kids but maybe get some therapy because it’s one thing to not like them, it’s another to always wanna make it known how much you despise them.”

He said his sister-in-law complained to her parents, and now they think he is a “jerk” for “threatening her living situation when she wouldn’t have any place to go right now.”

He said his wife agrees with him, but he is questioning his reaction because now there is tension with all of his in-laws.

Most commenters took the dad’s side, saying the sister-in-law should move out for being so nasty, according to Newsweek.

“Honestly telling them they should have aborted, complaining about every little thing, I’d genuinely be concerned for their safety if this was my child,” user Elizabeth_Sparrow wrote. “Sis sounds unhinged.”

Another user, Azazael, said the sister-in-law’s behavior was extremely rude: “Telling someone they should have aborted their child in front of the child is weird, extremely rude, creepy, obnoxious… And additional adjectives that don’t take away from the extent of each.”

“I would be scared to ever have her in a room alone with my baby, she sounds insane,” user MoeFo added. “… you were too patient actually and put up with a lot before that final straw.”

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