Abortionist is a Mother of Two But “Proud” to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 10, 2022   |   7:52PM   |   Washington, DC

There seems to be a strong, self-imposed blindness among abortion workers about the value of unborn babies.

Though they are aborting them, often removing their bodies in pieces from their mothers’ wombs and then examining their tiny arms and legs, heads and bodies to make sure they removed all the pieces, somehow in their minds these children do not really exist yet.

This erasure of children in the womb occurred all throughout a new NBC Today show piece featuring interviews with four abortion workers who also are mothers. The article suggested that “abortion vs. motherhood” is a bad comparison because “abortion is not at odds with motherhood.”

“Instead, [the abortionists] argue that being a mother not only makes them better health care providers, but is a reminder of how parenting and the personal decision to end a pregnancy often go hand-in-hand,” NBC writer Danielle Campoamor, an abortion activist herself, began the piece.

One of the abortionists, Aisha Wagner, who lives in California with her two young children, described how many of her patients “do have children already” – implying that their unborn babies do not exist.

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Wagner told NBC that she “fell in love with the practice” of abortion after medical school while she was visiting San Francisco.

“I was pregnant not too long ago, and I will say that I felt very proud to be a pregnant person in a space with people who are seeking abortion,” she said.

Often, Wagner said she asks her abortion patients about their children (their born children, that is) to make them feel more at ease. Being a mother herself, she said she believes she has a “much deeper understanding” about why women come to her for abortions.

“And I think especially in that space, when there is so much stigma going into it. When you understand that for those people who do have children already, they’re making this decision for their children, I think it’s really important to bring up and acknowledge those children in that space,” she said.

But Wagner does not acknowledge all of her patients’ children. She ignores the fact that all women who have abortions already are mothers and their children – unique and irreplaceable living human beings who came into existence through no action of their own and who depend on their mother to survive – already exist.

Pro-life advocates understand that pregnancy and parenting are difficult, and they affirm that women are valuable human beings who deserve compassion and respect. But they also know that a second person exists in every pregnancy, an unborn child, and killing that child is not a “right” or a good parenting decision or an answer to women’s struggles. Both mother and child deserve rights, both deserve care and compassion, because both are unique and valuable human beings who exist.