United Church of Christ Pastor Celebrates Her Abortion: I’ve “Never Felt More Loved by God”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 7, 2022   |   4:37PM   |   Washington, DC

A Maryland United Church of Christ pastor claims she “never felt more loved by God” than when she walked into an abortion facility to abort her unborn baby.

Unlike most Christians, the Rev. Kaeley McEvoy does not believe her abortion conflicted with her Christian beliefs, according to the Washington Post. She said she prayed about her pregnancy first and believed an abortion was the right thing to do.

The newspaper shared her story in an article highlighting an increasingly vocal minority of religious leaders in the U.S. who are advocating openly for the killing of unborn babies in abortions. It’s part of a wider push by abortion activists to attempt to normalize abortion on demand, hoping to sway a public that has not shifted much on the issue in decades.

Lately, abortion activists have been targeting Christians with claims from pastors, religious professors and authors that abortion is a moral good. However, they are finding resistance even among many church-goers who support abortion.

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McEvoy, the pastor of Westmoreland Congregational UCC in Bethesda, told the Washington Post that she debated whether to tell her congregation about her abortion because even many “pro-choice” people still do not view it as a “social and theological good.”

Here’s more from the report:

When the pastor and her then-boyfriend learned in 2016 that she was pregnant, the first place they went was to a cathedral, to pray — and to call doctors’ offices in search of one to do the abortion. Other visitors to the cathedral happened to try to enter the small chapel where McEvoy was on the phone, but her boyfriend turned them away, she remembers, saying “something holy is happening here.”

But in front of her new congregation, she wondered and worried if they would lose respect for her. Westmoreland, like the suburb of Bethesda it sits in, is full of liberal people who politically support abortion access, McEvoy felt, but may not be ready to call it a social and theological good.

Eventually, she did tell her congregation what she did, saying she “never felt more known and heard and loved by God than when I entered the doors of a Planned Parenthood.” The report did not mention how the congregation reacted.

Among her fellow abortion activists in January, McEvoy was more bold. She described their abortion advocacy as “holy” in a speech to a group of Christian pro-abortion activists in D.C.

“Something holy is happening here, friends,” she said, according to the newspaper.

Most Christians would be disturbed and outraged at McEvoy’s claim that killing an unborn child is “something holy.” Christianity teaches that an abortion kills a unique, living human being created in the image of God, and shedding innocent blood is one of the things that God hates the most. Child sacrifice repeatedly is condemned in the Bible.

While some Christians throughout history have rejected the truth about the value of unborn babies and the evil of abortion, Christianity always has opposed abortion.

The Bible recognizes unborn babies as valuable human beings in Luke 1:41, Genesis 25:21-22, Psalm 22:10-11 and other passages. Jesus placed great value on children when others in society did not in Matthew 19:14, and Proverbs 6:16-17 states that one of the things God hates most is the shedding of innocent blood. One of the ten commandments prohibits murder.

Science also backs up the belief. Biologically, it is well accepted that a living human being with his/her own unique DNA comes into existence at the moment of conception. Scientists, biology textbooks and other expert sources agree, and it is a reason why many non-religious people also believe abortion is wrong.

Christians also believe that God loves and forgives mothers and fathers who have their unborn babies aborted. When individuals recognize their sin and repent, Christianity teaches that God is “abounding in love” and willing to forgive. Many pro-life ministries offer post-abortion Bible studies and counseling programs for just this purpose.