“This Is Us” Actress Milana Vayntrub Calls Killing Her Baby in an Abortion a “Beautiful” Experience

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 7, 2022   |   2:08PM   |   Washington, DC

“This Is Us” actress Milana Vayntrub described aborting her unborn baby as a “beautifully boring” experience in a new column at the Daily Beast.

The television actress said she decided to share the details of her abortion story because she wants Americans to understand the difficulties of pregnancy and parenthood and the need for abortion. Notably, news outlets like the Daily Beast rarely, if ever, allow mothers who regret their abortions or choose life in difficult circumstances share their stories.

“For so many reasons, I am grateful for the beautifully boring abortion I had and the essential health care I received,” Vayntrub wrote. “I’m haunted by the prospect of what we all stand to lose” if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Ten years ago, Vayntrub said she had an abortion after accidentally missing a day or two of birth control. Just out of college, she was living with her boyfriend at the time and their financial situation was unstable.

“We were doing whatever it took to get by. I was taking random babysitting jobs, working at a smoothie shop, and performing improv in tiny LA theaters as often as anyone would allow me on stage,” she remembered.

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After taking a pregnancy test, Vayntrub immediately knew that “the right thing to do” was abort her unborn baby. She said she did not agonize about the decision; her “strong moral compass” told her not to bring a child into the world “that I did not want and could not care for.”

Aborting her unborn baby was “no big deal.” She said it was a straightforward procedure in her doctor’s office.

“Over the past decade, I’ve hardly thought about my abortion, except for when I think of those who may not have access to one,” she continued, arguing that aborting an unborn baby should be a “protected right.”

Vayntrub slammed pro-life laws as “racist and classist,” claiming pro-life advocates really just want to control women. She urged U.S. Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, a deceptively-named bill that would legalize the killing of unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth and force taxpayers to pay for abortions.

In 2020, Vayntrub said she “became a mother” after a very painful, traumatic labor and birth experience. She said the horrific pain that she experienced giving birth to her child made her “even more adamant” about supporting abortion.

“I now know how hard it is to carry a bowling ball-sized human to full term,” she said. “I know the back-breaking will it takes to give birth to a baby. I know the toll of sleepless nights and a torn body, the necessity of support, the pause it puts on your career, relationships, and goals. I cannot fathom the cruelty of enduring all this plus a lifetime of childrearing if you do not want it.”

There is some truth in what Vayntrub says. Pregnancy, labor and childbearing can be extremely hard, especially for mothers in already difficult circumstances. However, for most mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies, having a child becomes an unexpected blessing and gives them the motivation to overcome such difficulties.

Difficulties do not justify the real cruelty that Vayntrub is advocating for: the killing of unborn babies in abortions. These are innocent, living human beings who depend on their mothers to survive. From the moment of conception, they exist through no fault of their own, and each is a unique and irreplaceable human being.

Vayntrub did not become a mother when she gave birth in 2020. She became a mother when her first child was conceived a decade ago. Both of her children were valuable human beings, and their value did not depend on their mother’s situation. Both deserved a right to life.